Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Got A Wish? Tell Santa About It!

Got a wish this Christmas? Why don't you tell Santa about it? Perhaps you're thinking that it's silly to still believe in Santa these days. Hey, why don’t you loosen up a bit and have a little fun by sitting on Santa's lap? Guess what? I did sit on Santa's lap a while ago. I visited his site and spent a while telling him about my wish. I also listened to their conversation about this new technology in digital photography called CEIVA. I was amazed, so I uploaded one of my photos to see how it will look on that digital photo frame. Here’s what I uploaded:

I love this photo so much. This was taken 4 days ago when we spent a weekend there in Davao. I chose to upload this one because I want to share the beauty of the beach at the background. Don't you wish you're there too? You know what, we had so much fun snorkeling there. And believe me, it was a heavenly experience. So yeah, I highly recommend it when you visit Davao.

Anyway, going back to CEIVA, maybe you’re curious as to what it is? Well, CEIVA is a new and exciting way to share your photos with your family and friends. Even if they are miles away, you can share them your captured moments when you spend the holidays out of the country or those precious times with your kids. I'm so fond of taking pictures myself, and so I got really excited when I learned about this new technology.

Now, if you haven't purchased gifts for your loved ones this Christmas, why not consider this digital photo frame from CEIVA? I'm sure they'll love it. And here’s a good news: CEIVA is running a sweepstakes which will run for 29 days. Everyday, one lucky winner will be given $500, so why not join now? It's just too bad I can’t participate since I’m not from US. But if you are, well grab that chance to win that $500. I wish you luck!!!


Saturday, December 06, 2008

Win $100 and More at PSDRockstar.Com

It's December once again, and so everyone's excited, except myself, to go home for the holidays. Yup, it's so sad that I won't be going home this Christmas. Actually, it was my decision not to go because in January, me and my daughter, together with her dad, will be going home anyway. So we'll just celebrate here in the big city, and prepare a little Noche Buena.

Speaking of Noche Buena, I haven't thought of what foods to prepare yet. But before I think about the food, perhaps what I should prepare first is the budget for that. Whew, I've been paying a lot of bills lately, so I might as well join this contest from PSDRockstar to win that $100 prize. That will make a great budget for our Christmas eve dinner. But the contest will end by December 27, so might as well reserve it for the New Year's Eve celebration.

How to join the contest? Here are the simple rules:

5 points - Stumble the contest post.
5 points - Digg the contest post.
15 points - Subscribe to RSS Feeds
20 points - Blog about the contest.

So easy right? Now, for the prizes:

First Prize:
One FlashEff Premium license - worth $150 from Jumpeye Components
One Premium Theme of your choice with personal license at Premium Themes
Unlimited Reseller Hosting Plan for a year at Infogle

Second Prize:
One FlashEff Premium license - worth $150 from JumpeyeComponents.com
One Premium Theme of your choice with personal license at PremiumThemes.net
5GB Linux Hosting at Hostgator - Sponsored by Windows XP Secrets

Third Prize:
$100 Cash prize via Paypal from Photoshop Tutorials

Fourth Prize:
A Website review worth $25 and a 125×125 ad space for a month at N Speaks
1000 EntreCard credits and one 125×125 ad space for a month at Technology Blog

Fifth Prize:
2000 EntreCard credits and one 125×125 ad space for a month at The Nexus

Sixth Prize:
One 125×125 ad space for a month at ECT webmall

This contest is so exciting. Wish I could win the 3rd prize, that's all I'm after anyway. "wink"

If you want to join, feel free to visit PSDRockstar.com. Good luck to us!