Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In Search No More for Personal Loans and Business Loans Source

When I was in college, I knew very little about personal loans, much more about business loans and business credit. Although my course was Business Administration, Major in Management, my mind wasn't really into starting my own business. It was more about being in a managerial position, in a reputable firm.

But now that I've already achieved what I wanted, though only in the supervisory level at that, I want to try something new - like having my own business. But since I don’t have huge savings yet for a starting capital, I tried to look around for a reliable source where I can apply for personal loans or business loans. And guess what I found? It’s EZUnsecured.com! Their experts have been around in the business for years, so they know exactly how they would help us, would-be small business owners, in obtaining the capital that we need.

I’ve even read one feedback saying: "You can Trust EZUnsecured.com - They know what they are doing - The people there are very experienced and they take their work very seriously". So, nothing to worry about now! I guess I’ve already found the exact solution to my problem. The next step now is to apply.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

No Way This Gonna Die

You might be thinking that I've totally abandoned this blog because I already have a family blog which I constantly update. No, it's not exactly that way and there's no way this gonna die. I love this blog, therefore I am keeping it, and now I'm reviving it.
So, for those who haven't heard from me for a couple of months, Phoebz is back and Phoebz' Place is still alive and kicking. I'm still a full-time working employee in the same old company, a freelance writer on the side, and a trying-to-be-the-best mom when at home. And guess what's new? Well, another baby is on the way. Hopefully, it's a real Baby Guian boy this time! I'm on my 2nd month of pregnancy, and mind you, I'm not loving it. Morning sickness sucks and I hardly eat a thing. It's as if everything doesn't seem to please my taste buds. Arrrgghh!
Anyway, hope everything is okay with you whatever part of the globe you are. I know, you do miss this blog and do look forward to my updates. So, here I am. Back from nowhere and again let me say that no way this blog's gonna die. As in, no way!