Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Talking About Hair Loss

When I looked at the mirror a while ago, I noticed that my hair already needs a hair treatment of some sort. I neglected this important part of my body when I got pregnant. So, now that I already gave birth, it's time to have a hair makeover.

I've seen new hair styles in the television lately, and I'm thinking to copy one of those. I love styling my hair that is why I take really care of it. I make sure that I only lose very few strands every time I shampoo or comb it because perhaps if I'm losing more than the usual, I'll freak out.

Many women out there experience hair loss and I do understand how frustrating it could be. Good thing, there are now lots of hair loss products in the market. But since the options are many, only the right product should be used to ensure good results.

How to find the right hair loss product to use? Why not check out various hair loss product reviews like this Provillus review? Provillus is a known name when it comes to hair loss treatment. To know if this is the right product for you, check this hair loss product guide to see how it was rated by people who have already used it.

Hair care is really very important. So, if you notice that you’re losing more strands than usual, better take some action. Now, let me get back to planning how I’ll go with my hair makeover.

Help on Stretch Marks!

Whenever I see my stretch marks, I feel so annoyed. Our out-of-town trip is just a month away, and I don’t think I would ever have the guts to wear 2-piece with these unsightly marks on my thighs. Help! What am I going to do with these? My friend Jo gave me this lotion to at least conceal the marks, but still, they show. So, what now?

I just gave birth three months ago, so it is just natural for a woman like me who has just been through pregnancy to have these stretch marks. I know, I’m not the only one who is dealing with this concern. There are actually lots of women out there who are in need of stretch mark cream that will work for them.

Now, how to find the right stretch mark treatment? The answer is simple. Read reviews of various treatments to prevent stretch marks. Where to find these reviews? It’s right here at Diva’s Skin Care Blog.

Diva’s Skin Care Blog is an online source of useful information on stretch marks prevention and treatment. They provide reviews of various stretch mark treatments such as the revitol stretch mark cream. And when it comes to other skin care needs like skin care products and therapies, you can also rely on them for helpful information.

I, myself, have really learned a lot from reading Diva’s Skin Care Blog. So, if you also want to know more about stretch mark prevention or treatment, check this one out!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Medical Career Training

Two weeks ago, my friend Jane gave me a call to ask me if I wanted to join her in studying nursing. I was a bit surprised because she knows very well that I have a job right now, plus an almost 3-month old baby to take care of. I was thinking how I could ever accommodate such and much more concentrate in the program if I have lots of things to tender.

I never really gave the idea of being in the medical field so much thought until another friend of mine, Divine, told me that she is interested in enrolling in said medical program as well. Now, this really got me thinking.

I am sure, lots of people out there are also thinking of being in the medical field. Since there is now an increasing demand for health professionals, the medical career field becomes one of the sought after fields today. Some would like to be in nursing schools, while others would want to enroll in ultrasound tech school. So, if you want to be on your way of becoming a health care professional, then is the place to start. is an online source of useful information about Medical Training programs. If you visit this site, you will see many medical career options and other degrees and courses provided by leading institutions. So, whether you want to be a nurse, x-ray technician, or ultrasound tech, you can count on this site for the information you need.

Check out to find the right medical schools like nursing schools and ultrasound technician school for you. Now, let me get back to that idea of being a nurse someday. What do you think, should I or should I not?

I Want to Play Online Billiard

I had a hard day at work, and all I could think of now is to just relax and unwind. But I still have work tomorrow and staying up late will just make things worse. Then, the thought of playing online game entered my mind. Maybe this will do the trick for now.

I searched for sites which can offer me with an online game which is fun to play. I love playing billiards, so I said to myself, why not play online billiards instead.

When it comes to online billiards and online snooker, Billiard Magic is the name to trust. It is an online billiard room where anyone can play snooker, pool, and of course billiard. The site is very user-friendly; anyone can easily access the download page to download its billiard software. Plus, information on how to get started is included in its content so that even the novice player can enjoy playing billiards online.

For more information on billiard tournaments, check out Biliard Magic. And if you want to know more and have fun playing billiards online, just visit this site.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Good News for Bloggers! Bad News for Me! Grrrr...

While having our lunch break, my colleague Precy mentioned that there are now other Philippine bank accounts that can be used for withdrawing funds in Paypal account. I was so pissed off upon hearing this because I just got my eon card I guess two weeks ago. Talking about wasting an amount of 350php for the charge and 100Php for initial deposit amount...

Now, what are these Philippine bank accounts? You can see it here.

And if you have other questions, just click here for more.

This is really a good news for bloggers out there who are monitizing their blogs. Too bad for me, I was too anxious to get my eon card so I ended up 450Php short in my last week's budget.

Cash Advance Loans Are The Answers

Two days more to go and its payday time again. Yipee! This is just what I needed to pay the monthly house rent and other bills. You see, every payday, I make sure that I budget my money well and pay all my financial obligations before making other expenses. However, sometimes I could not avoid some circumstances which require me to go beyond my budget. In other words, I get short of cash. And I'm sure, I'm not the only who experiences this kind of situation.

For people who are in need of immediate cash and are caught between paychecks, cash advance loans are the solutions. Where to get one? Check Personal Cash Advance, an online source that provides payday loans and cash advance for those who need cash to cover unexpected expenses like car repair, home repair, and medications.

Why choose Personal Cash Advance? Because they provide a quick and easy processing of applications for payday loan. Once your application is approved, you will just have to wait for the payday loan to be deposited to your savings or checking account. And with regards to payment, you need not to worry because flexible payment schemes are being offered.

Personal Cash Advance is indeed a reliable way to secure that immediate cash without the need to wait too long and exert too much effort. And since they are 100% online, you can access them even right at the comfort of your home. Talking about convenience, right?

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bohol Adventure

I'm getting more and more excited as the day of our trip to bohol comes nearer. Yup, we're going to Bohol! Me and my best buddies (Dex, Bow, Talie, and Glad) were planning this trip since last year. Before, we were contented to go nature-tripping in resorts here in Bicol. But last year, we decided to extend our boundaries and explore the beauty of Philippines. First stop - BOHOL!

The Island Paradise Province of Bohol

Located 803 km. south of Manila, Bohol is a part of Region VII Central Visayas with Tagbilaran City as its major city and capital. People from this place speak Boholano as their native dialect; but some also speak tagalog, English, and even Chinese.

Bohol is a home to the ever famous Chocolate Hills, making it one of the most visited places in the Philippines. But aside from this tourist attraction, there are lots of other places to visit in Bohol. One of these is Panglao Island.

Panglao Island

Panglao Island, which is located southwest of Bohol, is the place to be if you want to experience sun, sand, and sea. A lot of tourists come to this place because it is an ideal vacation spot, with its white sand beaches and accommodating resorts.

Just a while ago, me and my buddies were comparing different Panglao Island resorts such as Alona Palm Beach, Alona Kew, Lost Horizon, and Bohol Beach Club. All of them look great, but we have to choose one which will suit not only our preference but also our budget. We, then, chose Lost Horizon - main reason: because it's affordable for the five of us. The cottage costs 2000php but it is consumable. This is not our final choice, however. Anyway, it's still a month more before the trip, so we still have time to decide.

Other Activities To Do in Bohol

Aside from spending one day at Panglao Island, of course there are other activities that we don't want to miss in Bohol.

One is to visit Chocolate Hills.

And two is to meet the famous tarsier.

After doing these two, including the nature-tripping in Panglao Island Nature Resort, we can really say that we have a fun-filled Bohol experience.

So now, all we can do is wait. Today is just the 26th of January, so it would be 41 days more to go, since our Bohol adventure will start on the 8th of March. Hmmm..I don't think that would be too long.

For now, let me find that 2-piece which I'm going to wear in Panglao Island. Wehehehe! Can you imagine how I'd look? (giggle)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Want to Win $100?

When I opened my blogsite this morning, I noticed new faces in my recent readers widget. One of which is Mr. Opportunist. His name is quite intriguing, so as I did my blog hopping routine, I decided to drop by at his blog. And boy, I'm so glad I did! Why? Because he's running his monthly blogtest, and for January he's giving away $100. Way too cool, dude!

Now, you might ask me how to join. Well, it's very simple. Check out Mr. Opportunist blog and see how to earn entries. Entries can be as many as 10, 8, 5, 3, and 2, depending on the actions you would want to do. But to simply get one entry, just leave a comment about the contest post.

Nothing to do? Why not check this one out? Good luck!

Getting Back In Shape

One of my main concerns after giving birth is how to get back in shape. I did gain weight the past months, but I guess it's normal for woman who just gave birth, right? Now, I'm thinking, what am I going to do in order to get back in shape? I don't want my baby's dad to see me so fat and looking oh-so-ugly when he comes home next year. So, I need to make the most of time now and start getting that makeover.

As I was surfing the net for some advice, I came across this site which offers plastic surgery services in Los Angeles. Their goal is to provide excellent care for those who want to get back in shape and look even better. They have these great cosmetic plastic surgery procedures designed for women like Los Angeles breast implants, facelift, and breast augmentation. And for those who have just given birth, they have Los Angeles tummy tuck, breast lift, and liposuction. Hmmm…These could be just what I needed.

I know there are lots of options for me when it comes to getting back in shape. But since I’m not that familiar with these procedures, for now I need to get all the pertinent details that I can. These include the center where the procedures will be done, the facility, the equipment, the staff, and of course the credentials of the cosmetic surgeon.

In Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery, all those important requisites are given attention to provide their plastic surgery patients the excellent service that they need. From equipment to staff, they see to it that they would be able to meet their patients’ desires to look good and feel good. So, what else would I need? For new moms like me, this is certainly the place to be!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Need A Break? Play Online Backgammon

Whew, I don't know why I feel so stressed out the past days! All I know is that I want to do something apart from my job and have a little fun without leaving the comfort of my home. Good thing, I have my own Internet connection. I can browse the web anytime for online games like online backgammon.

I'm not that familiar with this game, so I searched for a backgammon site which can serve as my guide. I come across Gammon World, a site that features backgammon tournaments and other backgammon information. The site is very easy to navigate, so even novice Internet users will find it easy to explore.

How to get started? No need to worry because the site's content includes significant information about the rules of the game. Plus, the software that the site offers has an easy-to-download feature so anyone can start playing in no time.

With all these site's great features, I can play backgammon without the fuss. Thanks Gammon World!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Short of Cash?

Ever since I moved in to my new place last year, my expenses doubled as compared to the previous years. Considering the monthly rent, monthly bills (e.g. electric, water, Internet connection, cable television), and daily expenses for food and transportation, the money that I get each payday should be well-budgeted in order to pay all these financial obligations on time. But I would admit, even if I budget my finances well, there are still instances when I become short of cash.

I'm sure, I'm not the only one who experiences great need for emergency cash in between paydays. Good thing, cash advance or payday loans are now widely available online for those who need immediate cash. But since the options are many when it comes to cash advance and payday loan sites, we should choose the right one which can best meet our needs. How to do this? Simple. We should check out these cash advance and payday loans sites reviews.

In these reviews, sites are ranked by people who have used them to get immediate cash. By means of their ratings, we can easily distinguish which site really works and which does not.

So, if in need of cash, make sure to choose the site with flexible payment schemes and discrete services. Let these reviews be our cash advance guide.

Tagged 2 - Starts with the Letter P

Ok, I've been tagged for three times the past days. I've already done one yesterday: so, it's one down, two more to go. Here's the other one from Mina.

How it works? Ok, let me tell you: Use the first letter of your name to answer each question. Must be places or names…Nothing made up. Can’t use own name for boy/girl’s name question. If can’t answer, skip to next one.

1. Famous Singer: P. Diddy
2. Four Letter Word: p-o-s-t, p-a-s-s, p-a-r-k
3. Street: Padre Faura Street (google to the rescue!)
4. Colour: Pink
5. Gifts/Present: Purse (i got one last year)
6. Vehicle: Pontiac Firebird (tnx CMS..wehehehe!)
7. Things in Souvenir Shop: Pen (I think they have one)
8. Boy Name: Paul
9. Girl Name: Pauline (my cute baby)
10. Movie title: Patayin Sa Sindak Si Barbara (hmmm pwede..hehehe)
11. Drink: Pina Colada
12. Occupation: Pilot
13. Celebrity: Pierce Brosnan
14. Magazine: Perfect Home (tnx to google)
15. City: Perth, Australia
16. Sports: Pootball? hehehe..just kidding.. Pole Vault (tnx wiki)
17. Fruit: Pear
18. Reason for Being Late to work: Parade w/c caused traffic..(i'm sure you all agree)
19. Something you throw away: Pampers of Baby Gab soaked w/ weewee and poopoo (hahaha is this acceptable?)
20. Something you shout: P*nye*t*/P*ta*g-*na, in short P*ta (believe me, I'm not the only one shouting this)

Whew, at last I'm done! NOSEBLEED!!!I never thought that this could be so hard...thanks to my sources! now, let me tag Mayan, Abby, Owen, Yona, and Chie...

Hotel Reservations Made Easy

I mentioned yesterday in my tagged post that one of the things that I've always wanted to do is to travel to another country. That is right! I want to spend a nice vacation in other countries like Canada, United States, France, Italy, and Australia. I know, I can make this happen but only if I focus on achieving this dream.

I don't know if this is a coincidence, but just this morning, I got this task to make a review on this great site which deals on hotel reservations in various countries like the ones I mentioned above. This is definitely a good start for me, since I believe that any vacation plan entails lots of preparations which very much include hotel reservations.

I checked and learned that they offer great hotel deals and vacation packages in countries like Canada, UK, Germany, France, United states, Spain, Italy, and a lot more. Since Canada was the first on my list, I clicked on Canada and I was directed on this page where I can enter my target destination city, the room information, and the dates when I intend to stay. Afterwhich, I clicked on the search button, and there on the next page I found great hotel deals in Canada. Though the options were many, I know, I will not have a hard time choosing since the images, rates and descriptions of each hotel were clearly indicated. By simply comparing them, I can decide which one suits not only my preference but also my budget. really makes the task of booking hotel reservations not only easier but also hassle-free since they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Plus, they have other offerings like cars, flights, motels, resorts, condo rentals, and vacation rentals. And with their lower rates and great discounts, any would-be traveler's vacation will be easy on the budget.

I know, my dream vacation to any of those countries will not be soon. But with the information that I got from writing a review for, I'm more determined than ever to achieve this great dream.

How Can I Forgive You?

I read my blog archive a while ago, and suddenly I felt this heavy feeling which have long lingered inside me since the day you left. Yeah, maybe you're right, I'm not yet that strong since I still can't forgive you.

But I ask myself, "how can I forgive you? Will I ever forgive you?" Nobody can answer this for me, that's what I know. Only me can find the answer.

But really, how can I forgive you if there is still so much pain inside? How can I forgive you if the memories of the past keep coming back in my mind? And how can I forgive you if you're still there and I'm still here? Why can't I forgive you? Why?

Yes, we're talking now, we're trying to fix things, and we're trying to start a new!

You're giving me time, attention, care, and love, but for how long? Will you stick with me through thick and thin now?

Or will you be a fair-weather man again who'll just stand by me when I'm at my best?

You left me at my worst, that's all I know. And while reading my posts way back when I was pregnant, I couldn't help but feel angry again. Yes, I'm mad at you, I'm still so mad at you! How can I ever stop feeling mad at you?

I utter this simple prayer, asking God to help me find peace by forgiving you from what you did. But I'm still weak, and it seems there's still no room for forgiveness inside me yet.

How can I forgive you? I want to forgive you, but where do I start? I certainly don't know.

But thanks for giving me the time that I need, will you wait patiently for me? Will you always be around now even if I seem lost at the moment? Will you guide me back to you?

I don't know if I still love you, all I know is that I still care. You're my bestfriend, will always be. But will I be your bestfriend as well?

Let's treasure this friendship, more than anything else. YOU will always be a part of ME, and ME a part of YOU. No matter what happened in the past, only God knows if there will still be a YOU AND ME in the future.

Now, how can I forgive you?

I've Been Tagged: 5 Random Things

Boy, I've been tagged by Neil, a co-forumer of Dex! Actually, this is the third time I've been tagged in the past 5 days. First from Dex, second from Mina, and now this. I don't know why from the three, this meme caught my interest the most. Perhaps, it's because this is the easiest one to answer and will not consume much of my time since I still have other stuff to do. So here it goes:

5 Things Found in my Bag
1. Wallet
2. Sign Pen
3. Comb
4. Cell Phone
5. Perfume

5 Things Found in my Wallet
1. Cash
2. ATM Cards
3. Credit Card
4. ID's (SSS, TIN)
5. My photo

5 Things Found in my Room
1. semi-double bed
2. drawer
3. electric fan
4. clothes
5. TEDDY, my big stuff bear

5 Things I’ve Always Wanted To Do
1. Have a vacation ( I just wanna be away from my pc even for a couple of days)
2. Go shopping (since I gave birth, I never had the time & the money)
3. Cook and bake yummy foods
4. Travel outside the country (South Korea? Well...)
5. Have my own home and car soon

5 Things I am Currently Into
1. Babysitting
2. Blogging (I'm getting addicted, whew!)
3. Trying to lose weight/ Diet
4. Skin whitening (wehehehe...)
5. Baby's clothes

5 People to Tag on this Meme
1. Nays
2. Mina

Monday, January 21, 2008

Finally, I Got My EON Card!

This is it, I finally got my EON Card! This means, I'm off to getting the money that I worked so hard for the past weeks. Do you know what I mean? Well, it's like this, I'm blogging for money, right? So, in order for me to get the payment that I accepted in my Paypal account, I need this EON Card. Actually, I can also use my credit card instead of this one. But since I'm planning to save all the money that I earned from blogging up to December (I'll keep my fingers crossed that I can wait that long), I chose this option in order to maximize Paypal's service.

So, how did I get it? It's very simple. My friend, Mina, told me to access this site where anyone can apply for an eon card online. I just entered the information that they needed, submit the online application form, and then that's it! I received this email saying that I can claim the card on the branch that I indicated after 3 working days. It's not that long, right?

I visited the Unionbrank branch three weeks after filing the application form. And there it was, my eon card waiting for me! After paying the P350.oo charge and deposited P100.00 on that cyber account to be able to register for Paypal’s extensive service, I got the eon card in no time. And oh by the way, I also presented two ID's (e.g. SSS ID, TIN, passport) as part of the requirements.

So, if you are also looking for an easier way to withdraw your money from your Paypal account, then this eon cyber account is the answer!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Yup, this is one of those lazy Sunday afternoons! It's raining outside and it's just me and my Baby Gaby here inside my place. We woke up at around 7:30am, and well, what else can we do but to sit and lie around, watch tv, and wait for the night to come.

Every Sunday, this has been my routine - stay at home and babysit my 2 1/2 month-old baby. Although taking care of her is a bit tiring since she now weighs 5kilos, I do have fun with her especially when we are alone like this. So, today, after his Papa Ghie left, I mean logoff from yahoo messenger to buy some stuff, I started taking pictures of her so I won't get bored. And here she is, looking so cute and adorable:

(I'm so glad that she got my dimples...Smile baby!)

And here is another one:

(Isn't she lovely? Grrrr...Can I bite you, Gab?)

And another:

(Oh how I love looking at you when you're asleep!)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

More About Online Backgammon

Online casinos are so popular these days; that’s why if you go and search the web, you will come across many different online betting sites and casino sites that offer a variety of games like online backgammon. is one of these sites which provide players a pleasurable online gaming experience through their games such as slots, poker, roulette, baccarat, and of course, online backgammon. Want to play backgammon? Check out to see how to get started. The site is designed to be user-friendly so you won’t have any difficulty navigating it. And if you want to know more about backgammon online, an informative content is also made available to you. Check it out!

Want to Play Online Slots?

I don’t really know much about playing online slots. So, my curiosity led me to check this site which serves as an online casino guide for players who are not only looking for detailed online casino reviews but also cool online slots and free casino games. I’m talking about They have been around since 2001 and over the years, they have developed monkey slots website to guide you in finding the top casinos on the Internet. No need to go through so much hassle just to find the online slot machines and casinos; here at, you can start playing even if you are not a pro and enjoy that opportunity to win big cash at the same time.

Want to play online slots now? Check out to gain access to various casino games on the web. Also, try to check their recent posts. These articles will sure help you not only to enjoy the game more but also to learn more.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Congrats Bro!

This coming March, my eldest brother is finally getting married. That is right, at the age of 30, he is finally tying the knot! Congrats, bro! But before the celebration, there are lots of wedding preparations to be done. From the wedding ceremony and wedding reception up to the wedding gown and wedding rings, the list could be endless and needs a hefty time and effort. But aside from all these, there is another important item that should be taken care of: the nice wedding invitations.

To help my brother on this aspect, I shared to him this great site which offers a wide selection of pretty wedding invitations. With their online wedding invitation samples, my brother and his fiancée can now choose the type of wedding invitation that will best fit for this special day. And if they want classy wedding invitations or upscale wedding invitations, they can always find them in this online wedding needs source.

Again, congrats bro and best wishes!

Online Coupons, Anyone?

Time really flies so fast. I hardly notice that January is about to end and that Valentine's Day is fast approaching. But this doesn't bother me much since I have zero lovelife, meaning I have no one to spend this special day with. But for those lovers out there, why not give your loved ones something unique this Valentine's day? Check out CouponChief, your reliable coupon deal and discount source. They offer a wide variety of coupon codes and promotional deals such as Travelocity coupons and Target coupons. If you want to look for more, you can always check the featured and new coupons for the day. How about a special set of jewelry from Limoges Jewelry or a nice cool sweater from Bluefly? Either of this will sure make the day truly special for the love of your life. So, visit CouponChief now!

PPP Here I Come!

Yep, finally, my blog is now approved by PayPerPost, a blog network which allows bloggers like me to get paid for blogging! That is right; I’m now blogging for money! Before I just consider this blog like a personal diary, but now, I’m finally doing more than just sharing what’s on my mind.

I first learned about this from my colleague, Ate Raziel, way back in June. It caught my interest, yep, but not to the extent that I sign up and start blogging about web sites, products, and services. I was too caught up with my pregnancy state during that time, so I never really gave the financial reward that blog advertising can offer its needed attention.

But now that almost three months have passed since I gave birth, I asked myself, “how could I ever make blogging not only a worthwhile experience but also a rewarding one?” So, after hearing my colleagues’ stories about how they make money by blogging, I immediately consider the idea of blogging not only about my life but also about the other things that I love.

There are sites, products, and services which are certainly worth my time blogging, especially if they are about life, family, and home. Through this, I will not just be writing, but I will also be learning at the same time. And hmm, how about the extra cash? It will certainly help a lot in buying the extra stuff that I need for my 2-month old baby.

So, PPP here I come!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Look Good and Feel Good with Los Angeles Plastic Surgery

Whenever I hear the word plastic surgery, the first thing that comes to my mind is "celebrity". Why? It is because this procedure is a very popular option for celebrities who want to enhance their looks or achieve a better shape. However, nowadays, plastic surgery is not just popular for celebrities anymore; this is for ordinary people and celebrities alike. But whether you are a celebrity or simply a fan, you must look at the three most important requisites when choosing a plastic surgeon: qualification, experience, and comfort.

Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgeon meets all those criteria. Located at Los Angeles area, particularly in Beverly Hills, this surgical facility offers a wide range of Southern California plastic surgery procedures, ranging from breast augmentation up to tummy tuck.

If you are unhappy with the size of your breasts or want to restore the lost breast volume following your pregnancy, then breast augmentation in Los Angeles is the one for you. By simply using silicone or saline implants, your breasts are enhanced, giving you the look and feel that you always wanted for your breasts.

Meanwhile, if it’s a flat stomach that you want to achieve, you can choose Los Angeles tummy tuck. This procedure will help you get and stay in shape in no time. Women who just gave birth often choose this to get back in shape since exercise and diet take more time and effort. Plus, since stretched abdominal skin is common to them, this procedure will tighten those loose abdominal muscles, thus giving them a flat stomach.

So, whether you want a breast augmentation or tummy tuck done to you in Southern California, Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgeon is the place to be. With their experienced surgeons, trained staff, and high standard facilities, you are ensured of maximum comfort and safety during the entire procedure.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Payday Loans: The Convenient Solutions

There are so many situations where in the need for a payday loan is deemed very important. One is when you need to pay hospital bills immediately or you have that urgent need to buy medications yet you are short of cash. Another is when unexpectedly your home or your car needs immediate repairs. And third, if you are renting your place and your landlord is already asking you for the month's rent yet you do not have cash at the moment. All these and more are the situations where in payday loans come to the rescue. That is right! Payday loans are the most convenient solutions to your immediate cash needs.

Before, it never really occurred to me how cash advance or payday loan can be an advantage until I come across In this site, I found great articles which discuss and emphasize the uses, importance, and advantages of payday loans over the use of credit card loan or bank loan. I’ve already mentioned the uses and importance above, now how about the advantages? One is that to obtain one, you don’t have to be free of debt or have a great credit score. So, even if you have other debts, you can still acquire this type of loan since your paycheck acts as the collateral. And two, it gets you the cash that you need as soon as possible. You can even get it overnight without so much hassle.

So, if you are in need of immediate cash, payday loan is the answer. Check out for fast and easy payday loan offers!

Useful Auto Loan Information Right At Our Fingertips

Having my own car is one of my goals this year. But since I have lots of expenses considering my 2-month old baby here with me, I don't think it will be easy for me to acquire one. Then, a friend of mine told me to consider getting an auto loan. I said not a bad idea! But before I do, I might as well get acquainted with few facts about auto loans so I would know the common pitfalls to avoid. is just what I need. Via their auto loan blog, I found very informative articles regarding various car makes and useful tips to avoid making mistakes when buying a car. Whether I get a new car or an old one, this site is sure a big help in educating would-be car owners like me.

But, what if you already have your own car yet you don’t seem to like your current auto loan? Well, why not resort to auto refinancing? also provides helpful information on the refinancing process. If you’re in doubt, this site will sure enlighten you on the reasons why you should refinance and the advantages behind the whole process.

Feel free to visit and check out their new auto loan blog. You see, all the auto loan information that we need is just right at our fingertips.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Need Cash?

Most of us look forward to payday. Who wouldn't? It's simply the time when we will have the money to pay for our bills and all the other expenses that we incur everyday. But what if payday is still far and an unexpected need for extra cash arises? The solution - apply for cash advance or payday loan.

Applying for and being approved for cash advance or payday loan is fast and easy, especially if you do it online. Many payday loan companies now take advantage of the Internet to reach more people who are in need of extra cash for unexpected expenses such as car and home repair, medications, and other emergency cases. But since there are lots of online payday loan companies existing these days, you must choose the one which offers the best rates and terms possible. can help you on this problem. They provide quality reviews on payday loans and cash advance sites. People who have used the products themselves are the ones who give these reviews. Plus, products are also given ratings so you can easily see which product really works for those who have already tried it.

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The MagicHoldem Poker Calculator Advantage

Do you want to enhance your poker skills? Take advantage of this most advanced and easy-to-use poker odds calculator. Where to find it? It’s here at This poker calculator is designed mainly to match your playing style and can accommodate more than a hundred poker rooms. It provides you with all the information that you need, ranging from real-time odds up to game statistics. So, if you want to have more chances of winning, it’s time to invest on this holdem calculator!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Convenience of Buying Pharmacy Online

Do you want a more convenient way of purchasing your needed medications? If yes, then consider buying pharmacy online. is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so no need to rush just to get the prescription drugs that you need. By simply going online, you can place your order anytime even without a prescription. And no need to worry because with their secured online ordering, your information is guaranteed safe.

Check out product list to find exactly what you need. They have a wide array of products ranging from anti depressants and antibiotics up to pain relief and skin care medications. If you need assistance, you can contact their live help service or simply email them for your queries. They have friendly customer service representatives on stand-by, ready to assist you in placing your orders.

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Why now? What now?

Have you ever felt so torn and you hardly know what to do? This is exactly what I'm feeling now. I'm so confused. Really confused. Why? Because I'm beginning to feel these feelings which I should not entertain. I'm still aching and I need time to heal. I'm battling with my emotions, and the wrong seems to be stronger than what is right. Or maybe the wrong is the right one, and the right is the wrong? Do I make any sense? Darn, I think I'm not.

I keep on asking, "why now? What now?" Decisions..Decisions..I have choices, and I'm afraid to choose the wrong one. But what is wrong and what is right? I don't know, can somebody tell me? I'm torn, I'm confused! I was badly hurt and the pain still lingers. The hurting words still echo in my ears. The horrible times of being alone still enters my mind. I want to cry, I want to scream! "Why now? What now?"

I'm picking up my pieces now! I was too shattered when you left me at my worst, at my lowest. It was not easy. You made me suffer and even before the past year ended you left me all alone! I thought for once, you'll show me that you never really left me, but you did! You did! The tears just kept flowing, my heart was aching. Why did you left me at my worst? Why?

You hurt me too much and I couldn't bear the pain. I'm so scared of you now, please don't hurt me again. I don't want to hurt you in return. I need time to heal. The pain still lingers. Give me time. I need to find the answers. Why now? What now?

Online Backgammon

Online backgammon has become extremely popular over the years. And now, more players continue to build up their playing skills through this great backgammon site. Mister Gammon provides not only the latest information on backgammon online tournaments but also software which any player can download with so much ease and convenience. The site is very easy to navigate and includes content which discusses how the game is played and other pertinent backgammon information. If you want to know more, you can send them an email and a customer representative will answer you in just a short time.

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Protect Your Identity With LifeLock

Identity theft is a serious crime and is actually one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States. In fact, in 2007, around 79 million Social Security and credit card number thefts were reported. Were you among these? If yes, it must have cost you not only a huge amount of money but also a great deal of effort explaining to enraged creditors and banks that you never even heard of. But if not, then all the more you need identity theft protection. And this is where comes in.

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

On Apprenticeships

In every endeavor, training and learning is very important in order to enhance one’s skills and knowledge. This is also true if you want to be employed or engage in a construction business. You sure want to be successful in this field, right? So, to achieve it, you must develop your skills and learn more about the industry by starting an apprenticeship. Through this, your skills will not only be developed but will also be recognized through NVQ/SVQs. Plus, even if you are still on the learning process, you already get that opportunity to earn. What more would you ask for? This is like hitting two birds with one stone, right?

But what if you are already an experienced worker in the field? You might ask, is there still an opportunity for you to further develop your skills and prove your experience? Of course, there is! Apprenticeships are not only for new workers but also for skilled workers who want to gain more qualification. So, why settle on your skills if you can do more? Start an apprenticeship now!

Friday, January 11, 2008

The Clown

"Clown" - defined as a person who amuses others by ridiculous behavior.

I think that very well suits me...Yeah, I amuse others by my silly jokes...Even without wearing that silly costume, make-up, and that cute big red nose, I can make other people laugh...I am happy to see them that way. I want to see their smiles because my own smiles are the smiles that can fool almost everybody...Behind the loud laughter, the silly jokes, the wacky experiences I share, and the senseless things that I say, is an aching heart that nobody will ever understand...

I am so depressed, but I don't want to dwell in this depression. I just don't know how to get over it that's why I resort to the easiest way, and that is to pretend that everything's ok and that I am fine. Making people laugh is my defense mechanism so nobody can ever see my inner core, of what's really deep inside me. Everyday, people expect me to be the bubbly one, the one who won't let a day pass without cracking a joke or uttering silly remarks...Perhaps, if I don't speak a word or two throughout the day, this would seem like a miracle for eveybody. Yes, it would be! But, I don't know if I can call this a weakness or strength, that in spite of the depression I feel, I still can pretend to be ok, crack jokes and make others laugh.

But I am tired of pretending! I AM NOT OK! I don't know since when, all I know is that I AM NOT OK! I have been putting on that mask for so long now, and still nobody can take that off from me...I want that off. I want people to see me, but I am afraid how people will react to see and know the real me. They are not used to see me as "weakling". They know that I am a strong person, that no matter how big my problems are, I can handle things on my own...But I am actually not, I need them to comfort me...I don't know when was the last time that I cried so hard in front of someone...But that's just what I need, I want to cry and cry 'til there's no more tears that come out from my eyes!

I may be a clown, but behind that I am still a person who wants to be loved. I don't want to think that I am hopeless, but that's how I feel. That's what others make me feel. I want to erase all the negative feelings that I feel, the depression, and the past hurts. I know everything happens for a reason, and perhaps the best is yet to come.

Rugby Fan? Check This Out!

Rugby is an exciting game that many enthusiasts love to watch especially in countries like England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and Wales. If you love watching this game and you have a rugby dream team of your own, then you must be one of the hundreds even thousands of people who want to be always updated of what's the latest in the international rugby tournament scene. It could be frustrating if you are left behind of the latest tournament news and previews, right? So, if you want to get the latest updates, is the site to visit.

RBS 6 Nations is a website designed primarily for rugby enthusiasts and fans. They provide the latest information on rugby tournaments, including men’s and women’s championships, so you will know the date, time, and venue of each game. They also post results and include interactive games, podcasts section, and fanzone, making the site not only informative but also interactive.

So, for six nations fans out there check out!

Want To Know More About Car Insurance?

Last year, I wanted so much to buy a car, even if it's 2nd hand, as a gift to myself. After the 9 stressful months that I went through, I guess I deserved something to compensate for those times when I set aside my own needs. Unfortunately, I was not able to save enough. So, until now my dream car is still a dream car.

A couple of months or perhaps a year from now, I see myself driving my own car. But to make the most out of this waiting game, I need to get myself familiarized with all the things that are car related such as car insurance.

A car is an investment, right? And since it is an investment, it has to be protected from any inconvenience in case an accident happens. This is where car insurance comes in. It is not simply a legal requirement; it is definitely more than that. But since there are different policies available today, finding the right auto insurance that works and fits the budget is not easy. is a site that can help car owners and would-be car owners like me in finding the most appropriate car insurance. If you already have a car and are in great need to obtain a car insurance policy, this site can provide you with car insurance quotes which you can compare in order to get the policy that fits your needs and lifestyle best. To get one of their quotes, simply access the quote box that you can find at the top left portion of the site.

But if you want to know more about car insurance, like what I’m into now, before getting a quote, you can first browse this website and check their car insurance rates guide. A variety of car insurance topics, tips, articles, and expert advice are also available so this site really makes a complete source of car insurance information that you and I need.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Finding the Right Health Insurance Plan The Easy Way

Finding the right medical care coverage can be a daunting task. With the many healthcare insurance plans available, you might get confused and end up with the wrong one. That is why if you want to get a health insurance plan, Advantage Medical Quotes is here to provide you with the information that you need in order to find the plan that suits you best.

From the different types of medical coverage up to the different factors that you need to consider, Advantage Medical Quotes is a useful resource so you can save money on healthcare insurance. And if you want to compare your options, you can take advantage of their medical insurance quotes. Simply fill up the form and let them guide you through the entire process.

All About Online Casinos

A while ago, my friend Shakil went online and sent me a simple message saying hi. You know, whenever this friend of mine shows up, the word casino enters my mind. Why? Because he was the person who introduced this to me. I could even make his name synonymous to casino because it is really one of his passions.

Lately, I am wondering if he is interested with playing in online casinos as well. I have noticed that there are lots of online casino sites, so maybe one of those will catch his interest. But before he starts playing casino online, he might as well consider looking at this site to know which online casinos are the best in the world. is a site that provides useful information about online casinos and online casino games. The site's content includes mainly reviews of the top casinos online, latest online casino news and events, and other gambling articles. Plus, it also discusses rules and strategies in playing various online casino games, which will be very useful to players, especially to those who are new on the Internet.

I never had any difficulty going through the pages of because it is very easy to navigate and the site is really user-friendly. If I share this with Shakil, I'm sure he will find this site very useful and very easy to explore. Hmmm, now where's that guy?

Classic and Elegant Engagement Rings

I was browsing the blogsites of my friends a while ago, when I saw this post of my friend, Chie, showing her engagement ring. I was surprised to see that picture of her engagement ring because she never mentioned to me before that she is getting married, I mean not sooner. So, I waited for her to go online so she can tell me about the details of her engagement. While waiting, I come across this great site that showcases engagement rings.

From the various engagement ring sites that I visited, caught my interest the most. Why? Because first, the site is integrated with really beautiful images of the engagement rings that they offer. From classic types of rings to elegant ones, you can find a wide variety to choose from. But from the rings that they offer, the diamond engagement rings caught my attention the most. My eyes became glued at the monitor, enjoying the sight of those diamond jewelries in front of me. They say diamonds are girls' best friend, and how I wish I could also have one of those.

But aside from images, the site also provides detailed description of each of their products. The informative content is an effective way to let the customers know about the unique characteristics of the rings, thus it can help them decide which ring suits them the best. And if they have questions, the site also has technical support, ready to receive their calls and answer their queries.

So, if you are thinking about getting an engagement ring for the love of your life, just visit this great site.

Now, where could Chie be? I really want to know more about her engagement and tell her about this site myself.

My "Oh-So-Yummy" Breakfast

Pancit and 3pcs of "midget" pandesal: a "not-so-yummy" breakfast, yet enough to fill my empty stomach. I was actually thinking of having bihon for breakfast, unfortunately it was not available so I had to settle with pancit. After having myself seated comfortably there at the pantry, I started munching on the 1st pandesal, combined with a little pancit. It tasted not so good, but since I was hungry, my tastebud said it's good enough. Plus, I was having a nice conversation with Mama Wen, one of my pretty officemates, so I never really bothered complaining about the food I was eating. After a few bites, I was done with the 1st, then I was off to the 2nd, and finally to the 3rd pandesal.

I was almost done with my breakfast when suddenly I noticed a "familiar-looking creature" lying there, with no life included in my pancit. Did I feel pity for this creature? Definitely not!!! Look what I found:

The picture is not that clear so perhaps you're still guessing what it is. Want to see more?

Is it clear now? Yup, that's my "oh-so-yummy" breakfast - Pancit ala Nene, with special ingredient of housefly...Iwwwwwwww...

When I saw it, I almost throw-up. Seeing that blackish creature, with its wings still intact, really made my stomach ready to turn upside down. If you'd ask me how did that thing get there, well, I don't know. Ask Nene - the "not-so-friendly" owner of the carinderia where I bought it!

After Dex took those pictures, I threw the remaining food, with the housefly still in it. Just thinking where that fly roamed around and stepped on before it got there made me want to throw up again...OMG, what a nice way to start my morning! I swear, I'll never buy from that place again. Never...ever...

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Detailed Online Casino Reviews For You

Are you fond of playing casino? Why not try something new this 2008 like exploring the advantages of playing in an online casino over its land-based counterpart? This is technically easier, requires less expertise, and gives more convenience since you can play even at home.

But since there are lots of online casinos that exist today, you might be dazzled with the options available. Be careful not to fall for online casino sites with negligent payouts, misleading promotions, unfair software, and other unethical tactics. Make sure that you choose a reputable site which offers the best online gambling services to really have fun playing. can help you on this.

Serving as a ratings guide, provides you with detailed reviews of the top online casinos, poker rooms, and other gaming sites. By means of their reviews, you will be able to compare the services that each online casino offers, thus you get to find which suits your gaming preference the best. Isn’t it a great site? With, you will be 100% sure that you are playing at a legit casino online.

Thanks to Hit Counter Expert's Web Counter!

When I was still new in blogging, I thought writing a post or entry about a topic, experience, or simply my thoughts and feelings for the day is enough to make my blogpage interesting to read. But after seeing my friends' blog sites, I found out that I could do more than just making new posts. There are actually lots of things that I can add on my blogs like the web counter from

Hit Counter Expert is a great source of various web hit counters which can be used for any type of blog or web site. They provide a wide range of web counter styles, so I never had any difficulty choosing the style which fit my site’s layout. Installing it was also very easy. After choosing the style that I liked, I simply got the code and copied it here. And after saving the changes I made, there it was, my free web hit counter from Hit Counter Expert.

From now on, I’ll be able to know the detailed statistics of my site. Thanks to Hit Counter Expert’s free web counter!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Online Selling Made Easy

Do you want to sell your products online to increase your sales? If you do, then why not consider having your own ecommerce website? This will sure help you reach a wider potential market, which can eventually lead to increase in sales. The start-up process, however, may seem complicated if you are not familiar with the Internet. But worry no more because Ashop Commerce is the ultimate solution to your ecommerce software needs.

Why Ashop Commerce shopping cart software? The answer is simple: it allows you to build your online store with so much ease and convenience. Plus, it is so easy on the budget. You see, you don't have to pay expensive monthly rate and go through so much trouble just to start selling online. With Ashop Commerce shopping cart’s great features, you are off to a successful online selling in no time.

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Looking for a Nursing Home?

My grandma is now 85 years old. She lives with my youngest aunt, her place just a few miles away from mine. Before I gave birth last November, I got to visit her every Sunday. Now, I seldom see her because Sunday is my only free day to spend with my 2-month old baby. But even if I see her not often as before, my mind is at peace that she is well-taken care of because she is with my aunt. I was wondering, how would it be like if there is no one in our family who would want to accept the responsibility of looking after her?

Nowadays, more families rely on a nursing home to look after their loved ones who are unable to care for themselves due to physical, emotional, or mental problems. But since there are lots of care homes offering elder care services these days, choosing the best option could be a daunting task. is aware of this problem, that is why they are here to assist families or anyone who needs helpful information about nursing home or care home. But aside from this, they also have care search and care discussion services, making it easier for anyone to find the right care home to consider.

So, if you are considering moving yourself or a family member into a nursing home, Bettercaring will help you plan ahead to make the transition as hassle-free as possible. By simply comparing the care options provided to you, you can find which one fits your needs best.

Still want to know more? Feel free to visit their website and join their discussion forums!

Geting the Most Out of Online Betting

Online betting continues to gain popularity as more and more people find this interactive activity exciting. Some people do this for fun, while others make it a steady income. And since there are now thousands of online betting sites offering various online betting services and products, players must choose the site which offers a secure online environment for their online betting needs. This is where comes in. is an online betting site offering a wide range of online betting services. An online casino, online poker playing area, interactive games section, and sportsbook betting facility are rolled into one in this great website. All these are very challenging, enhancing the player’s skill and strategy at the same time. And unlike in other betting sites, allows their players to enjoy their services by providing them with one wallet system to easily manage their accounts. Such great convenience!

So, if you are into online betting, make sure to include on top of your list. With their wide range of online betting services like the online casino, you will sure have lots of options when making that intelligent bet!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

I Broke My Promise

When the first day of the year 2008 entered, I promised myself never to cry again. But it's just the 5th day of the year, and I already broke it. Yeah, I'm crying again. And you know what's causing these tears in my eyes? It's the happy picture of my ex with his family. I'm so silly to be crying over something so insignificant, right? You might think that jealousy is what's behind these tears. But it's not.

Perhaps, the right word to use is envy. Yes, I envy him for having a complete family. It's been a long time since I last heard from him, so I was really happy when he added me as friend. And when I browsed his photos, there he was, looking so happy and contented with his wife and two kids. I was thinking, when will I ever have a photo like that? Will my Baby Gaby ever have a photo with me and his Papa? And again, self-pity is trying to enslave me now because I feel sad that Gaby's father is not even proud to show her picture to everyone.

The thought that Gaby will grow in a broken family still hasn't sink in to me yet. I hate myself because at the back of my mind, I'm still wishing that Gab will have a family which she can be proud of. But there's this voice within that tells me to accept this sad reality so we can finally move on. And I know I should listen to it. Enough of these tears...

A Balanced Body Mind Spirit for a Stress-Free Living

Are you getting so much stress from work, home, school, or simply from the things that happen around you? Does it keep you from enjoying your life and make the most out of it? If you are, then we are on the same boat. This big responsibility of raising my baby alone is also putting me into so much stress. Good thing, here is a great blog that can help us improve ourselves and achieve a stress-free living. provides helpful information on self improvement, personal development, and keeping ones body mind spirit in balance. Their goal is to help people achieve not only a long life but also a happy and well-lived life.

Since we are living in a fast-paced world, sometimes we become too focused on our goals and we neglect to take care of the more important things in our life like our health. This is where comes in. Through this blog, we will be enlightened on the importance of having a balanced diet and regular fitness. However, it is not enough that we take care only of our body. To really enjoy a healthy life, we should also take care of our mind and spirit. Topics on self improvement and personal development discussed in this blog can help us on this aspect. is really a useful resource for those who want to have a stress-free life like us. If you want to learn more, just visit this blog.

Friday, January 04, 2008

My Baby's Two Months Old Now!

My little girl has turned two months old now. Indeed, time flies so fast, right? Here are some of the pictures I took for her 2nd month birthday:

(prepared a little food for her, a cute pink cake and carbonara courtesy of Ninong Dex)

(Baby Pau - that's how her Papa Ghie calls her)


Thursday, January 03, 2008

Want To Go Online Dating?

Ever since I started to learn how to chat, I’ve already met a lot of friends online, whether near my area or from across the world. Actually, Baby Gaby’s father was one of my online friends before we met in person in 2007. By means of chatting, we were able to know each other more - our interests, likes and dislikes, dreams, and simply the day-to-day happenings in our lives. After a couple of months, we just found ourselves clinging on to each other and started dating online. Funny as it may seem, the once online dating led to a more serious relationship when he came home in February.

Online dating is indeed one of the most popular means of connecting to other people. So, if you are looking for that date of your life where you won’t have to primp yourself with make-up, wear fancy clothes, and fret the whole time because your date may not like you, then online dating is the right option for you. To begin with, why not try signing up in this free dating site that I joined in recently? is a free online dating service provider for those who are looking for friendship, relationship, or just want to flirt with other singles online. Before I signed up, I first checked what services it offers. Finding a match, messaging, and chat rooms are rolled into one in this website. I made a quick profile and uploaded my photo for others to see.

The best thing about this site is that I am able to see the other singles’ profiles upfront and get to choose a few who really caught my interest. If the details and interests of the person I’m checking is way different than mine, then I’d simply jump into another profile on which I have mutual interests. This way, I get to save time and effort from messaging or chatting with the person who does not even share same ideas, experiences and beliefs with me.

Experience the convenience of meeting people online through this online dating site. Check it out and see for yourself!

Pro360: Guiding Online Casino Players

Before I never had any idea on how a casino looked like, until a friend of mine named Shakil invited me to join him in the casino two years ago. He thought I would never have fun and would eventually get bored. But he was wrong because after a few minutes of looking at those who were playing, I begun to enjoy and found myself playing the blackjack, baccarat, and poker.

The few hours that I spent with Shak playing at the casino were truly memorable. Years had already passed, yet I never got any chance to be in that place again. I wondered, is there anyone in the same position like me who wanted to be in the casino again yet not given a chance or could not be in the place for any reason? If you are in the same boat as mine, then why not consider playing in an online casino?

Nowadays, there are lots of online casinos available for those players who want to play casino games like poker, keno, backgammon, baccarat, craps, and roulette right at the comfort of their homes. But since the options are many, allow me to share with you this great site which can help you find that online casino to gamble online. is a site that provides online casino reviews for those who are in search of top online casinos. They know that each player has a different taste when it comes to online games. So as you look at the reviews included in the list, you will be able to compare which online casino suits you. From game experience to trust score and bonuses of each online casino discussed in the review, you will not go wrong in finding the best online casino to gamble at.

Pro360 indeed serves as a guide to online casino players and I'm glad I found this site. So, why go through so much hassle? Pro360 is here to make your online gambling experience begin with so much fun.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Having My Own Online Business

When I started working as a web content writer way back in 2004, I never thought that the world of Internet has a lot to offer aside from chat and email services. And since I was still finishing my BSBA Management course back then, the idea about doing business online has caught my interest. I was surprised to see that a lot of businesses are now taking advantage of the benefits of selling online. However, as I browsed further, I learned that starting an online business could be a difficult process especially if one is novice on the Internet.

Good thing, there is now a site that can help merchants to start selling online easier and at an affordable rate. That is right! Ashop Commerce is here to offer a diversed ecommerce solution through their complete yet affordable shopping cart software. If you are a merchant wanting to sell online, this ecommerce software makes a good investment. Why? Because it includes amazing features which allow you to build an online store easier and hassle free. It also enables your store to be more competitive in the world wide web since it has a Search Engine Optimized structure. Plus, it has a design that can be customized and it offers technical support and customer service - making it a complete solution for just a low investment.

But wait, there is more! This shopping cart software from Ashop Commerce is not only for starters but also for those who already have existing online businesses. If you want to advance your online business, this shopping cart is a cost-effective way to help you achieve a higher sales return.

Ashop Commerce is indeed a great site that helps those who want to start or advance their online business. A few years from now, I could be one of them. Who knows? I'm thinking of having my own business anyway so I can really put my management course into practice.