Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Flexibility Exercises for Young Athletes

Before you participate in any type of sports and other athletic activities, you must first perform a set of flexibility exercises. This will not only help you improve your posture and physical performance but will also reduce muscle soreness and decrease risk of lower back pain and other injuries. Take note that the main goal of this set of exercises is to take your joints through a full range of motion so you’ll have more freedom of movement.

Young athletes should perform each of the exercises carefully, it does not matter how fast or slow it takes to finish the set. But make sure to warm up before performing any of these exercises. Some examples of warm up activities are walking for a couple of minutes and slowly jogging in place. After doing these, you are now ready to perform these flexibility exercises for young athletes.

1. Seat Straddle Lotus. To perform this, first sit down and then slowly place the soles of your feet together. Drop your knees towards the floor, place your forearms on the inside of your knees, and then push your knees towards the ground. After which, from the hips, you lean forward and then hold for about five seconds. Repeat this exercise three to six times.

2. Seat Side Straddle. Just like in the first one, again sit down; but this time, with your legs spread, placing your hands on the same ankle or shin. And then slowly, bring your chin towards the knee while keeping your leg straight. Now, hold for about five seconds. Repeat it three to six times, and then do it again on your other leg.

3. Seat Stretch. This is done by sitting with your legs together, while your feet are flexed and your hands are on your ankles or shins. Then slowly, bring your chin towards your needs, and hold for five seconds. Perform this exercise three to six times.

4. Knees to Chest. Do this by lying on your back, with your knees bent. Then, grasp the tops of your knees and bring them out towards your armpits, rocking gently. Just hold for about five seconds, and then repeat the exercise three to five times.

5. Forward Lunges. In this exercise, you need to kneel on your left leg and then place your right let forward at a right angle. Afterwards, you lunge forward while keeping your back straight. Hold for about five seconds, and then repeat the exercise three to six times. Do this also on your other leg.

6. Side Lunges. To do this, stand with your legs apart, and then slowly bend your left knee while leaning towards your left side. See to it that your back is straight as well as your right leg when performing this. Then, hold for five seconds. Now, repeat the exercise three to six times. After which, perform it on your opposite leg.

7. Cross-Over. As the name implies, simply stand with your legs crossed. Make sure to keep your feet close together and your legs straight when doing this. Then, slowly reach for your toes. Hold for five seconds. Now, repeat the exercise three to six times.

8. Standing Quad Stretch. To perform this, you need to stand supported by holding onto a chair or wall. Then, slowly pull your foot behind to your buttocks. Hold for five seconds. After which, repeat three to six times and then do it to your opposite leg.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

I Wonder

Even if it's just a week since I gave birth, I couldn't help but open my laptop and do the usual stuff that I do - check emails, see my Facebook and Friendster accounts, be online in Yahoo Messenger and Skype 24/7, and of course, simply surf the Internet to search for friends and former classmates. I know it's not good for me to be back online this early, but believe me, I just couldn't help it - I breath the Internet and without it, I'd be dead in a minute. Just kidding.

But anyway, now that I'm back online, I wonder if there are people out there searching for me via the net. I know there are some, a few could be relatives from other places, one or two could be my ex, or perhaps a number could be my friends outside work or former colleagues and classmates. In Friendster, I can easily tell who's viewed me. But other than that, I have no clue. Good thing, there's MyLife, a site that allows people to know who are searching for them and find everyone they know. It's connected with popular sources like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and LinkedIn. So, if I want to know who's trying to look for me via the Net and find some long-lost friends, there's MyLife to the rescue.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Welcome Baby Gihan Raphael Paulo!

Hi everyone! It's been so long since I last updated this blog. I did take the bedrest seriously and control myself not to blog too much. Although the 2-month bedrest due to placenta previa felt like forever, it was all worth it now that I have already given birth to my baby via normal delivery. That's right! I was able to deliver normally since the placenta migrated prior to my due date. Unfortunately, baby did not reach full term; at 36 weeks and 1 day last September 25 at 2:50pm, out came Baby Gihan Raphael Paulo weighing only 5.06 lbs / 2.3 kilos. And although his lungs were already matured, he had to be in the incubator for 2 days because his heart rate was fluctuating. Plus, he also acquired the UTI (urinary tract infection) that I experienced during pregnancy, that's why he had to take antibiotics via injections for seven days. But according to his pedia, once he's done with this, he will be ok.

Anyway, without further ado, let me introduce to you my new bundle of joy - BABY GIHAN RAPHAEL PAULO!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Get Connected and Win

When I was young, I never got the chance to spend a vacation with my parents. It would have been really fun if we were able to join at least a summer camp together. But then, past is past. And so now, I'm concentrating on my own family. I want to make sure that when Daddy is here, we are able to spend quality time together. The only problem is that I'm not really familiar about the fun family events that happen in our area. If only there's a way for me to know, like those in the US, what events are coming up for the family to enjoy, it would have been less of a worry for me.

Okay, now I might have aroused your curiosity as to how can anyone from US know what fun family events are coming up in the area. It's through ParentsConnect.com widget - a cool new way to know what's going on all over the US. If you have a blog, simply install the widget on your sidebar, and that's it - everyday you can get yourself updated with what's going to happen in your area without so much fuss. And what's even more exciting about this is that it can even make you win $1000. How? When your widget gets the most views, a thousand bucks come your way. Isn't it amazing? Parents Connect doesn't just get you connected but allows you to win too. So, join now!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pregnancy Update: 31 Weeks

I'm now in pregnancy week 31. If you'll ask how I am, well I'm doing fine. Although the bedrest is killing me softly, I still manage to survive day by day as long as my laptop is here to keep me occupied. I've been on bedrest for almost a month now, and believe me it's no fun at all. But what can I do, it's what my OB recommended since I had spotting a few weeks back. And with this placenta previa complication, it's really imperative that I follow her advice, or else.

So, what's with me and my baby on week 31? Well, the little one is doing great inside I guess. He still keeps doing his day and evening somersaults, and from time to time I could feel him bulge on one side and then on the other. I would even want to presume that he's having more fun while me here is having a really hard time coping with this bedrest until delivery.

Anyway, as for me, I don't eat a lot now, instead I drink more water to counter the UTI. I'm done with the medication since yesterday, and so I'm really hoping that on my next urinalysis, the UTI is already gone. With regards to my work, I'm coping as well with the work-from-home setup. Sometimes, I even feel like I'm just inside the office, chatting with my officemates regarding projects and other concerns. I'm really glad that I'm allowed to work-from-home or else I'll go crazy doing nothing in front of my laptop while on bedrest.

That's it for week 31. Due date is near and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that a miracle will happen - and that baby will pull the placenta away from my cervix before my scheduled ultrasound 3 weeks from now.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Web Hosting and Me

I've been blogging for three years now, but only on a personal level, nothing really serious like niche blogging. Although I have friends who are already doing that and been encouraging me to do the same, I just can't find time to really focus on it since I find it hard to manage my time between work and looking after the kids and our new home. Maybe, just maybe, when I run out of job already, that's the time I'll take blogging into the next level - a niche blog with own domain name and webhosting.

As far as web hosting is concern, I've already found a site where I can check a list of web hosting service providers - it's Web Hosting Geeks. But mind you, they don't just provide a simple list at that. They rank them according to the features that each web host provides and they provide great web hosting reviews. So, if you are looking for webhosting like me, you'll find it very helpful in choosing which one best suits your needs.

Not only that, Web Hosting Geeks is also a very informative site as it provides articles about the basics of web hosting and more. It also includes a blog wherein you can find really interesting posts such as this: Six Essential Tips Towards E-commerce Success.

So, what else would you want to know about web hosting? Web Hosting Geeks has it all. And so, I'm really glad I found it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

On Ken Binay's Death, Placenta Previa, Bedrest, and Placenta Accreta

After seeing the news about Mayor Jejomar Binay's daughter-in-laws death last Tuesday due to a pregnancy complication, all the more I got scared about my own condition. Ever since I was in the third month of this pregnancy, I was experiencing placenta previa. I even blogged about it here. And now that I'm already on my 7th month, I'm quite sure that the placenta is still there partially covering my cervix because of the spotting that I'm experiencing 'til now.

So, what really caused Ken Binay's death, yup that's the name of Mayor Binay's daughter-in-law? According to news, she died of hemorrhaging. She suffered from profused bleeding after giving birth to her 7-month baby girl via C-section. She had a really difficult pregnancy, on which prior to her death, she had a month of bedrest at the hospital.

Bedrest. Agh, that same word has been a part of my pregnancy as well since I've learned that I had placenta previa totalis. And after my last prenatal checkup, I was told by my OB to already file a leave from the office and have bedrest until I give birth. But then, I don't want to file a leave because that also means no salary for me for months. Good thing, I have a very considerate boss there who allowed me to work from home. So, beginning tomorrow, I'll be hitting two birds with one stone - work from home and bedrest at the same time.

Anyway, enough about me. Now, why did I mention about placenta accreta? It's because in Ken's case, that's what triggered her bleeding according to news. I became very curious about that term after watching TV Patrol, so I immediately searched more information about it. Here, let me share it to you:

What Is Placenta Accreta and How Will It Effect You?

Placenta AccretaMost women don’t really think about the placenta while they are pregnant and many don’t realize just how big a role it plays in the development of your baby. So for the same reason many of you probably wouldn’t have an idea of what happens when the placenta does not function as it should.

During a normal pregnancy the placenta attaches to the uterine wall, however there is a condition which may occur if the placenta attaches itself too deeply into the wall of the uterus. This condition is known as placenta accreta, placenta increta, or placenta percreta - and this usually depends on how severe the and how deep the placenta attaches itself. This itself is not a very common issue in pregnancies though, and usually only occurs 1 in every 2,500 pregnancies.

What are the differences between Accreta, Increta and Percreta?

The difference between the three is determined by how bad the attachment to the uterine wall is.

Placenta Accreta occurs when the placenta attaches too deep in the uterine wall but it does not penetrate the uterine muscle. This is the most common accounting for approximately 75% of all cases.

Placenta Increta occurs when the placenta attaches even deeper into the uterine wall and does penetrate into the uterine muscle. This accounts for approximately 15% of all cases.

Placenta Percreta occurs when the placenta penetrates through the entire uterine wall and attaches to another organ such as the bladder. This is the least common of the three conditions accounting for approximately 5% of all cases.

What Causes Placenta Accreta?

Although no one actually knows what causes it – it can be related to both placenta previa and previous cesarean deliveries.

Placenta accreta is present in 5% to 10% of women with placenta previa and the chances of having placenta accrete increases with each c-section – with multiple cesareans being present in over 60% of placenta accreta cases.

Are There Risks For Your Baby?

In most cases premature delivery and subsequent complications are the primary concerns for your baby with bleeding during the third trimester being an indication that there is a possibility that placenta accreta exists.

There are however risks which you may face if you have this complication. The main concern is hemorrhaging during manual attempts to detach the placenta. Severe hemorrhaging can be life threatening. Other concerns involve damage to the uterus or other organs during removal of the placenta. Hysterectomy is a common intervention, but as I am sure you know this results in the to conceive.

What is the Best Treatment For Placenta Accreta?

Unfortunately there is nothing which can be done to prevent it and there is little that can be done for treatment once placenta accreta has been diagnosed.

If you have been diagnosed with placenta accreta your healthcare provider will monitor your pregnancy with the intent of scheduling a delivery and using a surgery that may spare the uterus. You should discuss this option with your healthcare provider should you choose to have more children down the line.

Unfortunately, placenta accreta may be severe enough that a hysterectomy may be needed. Again, it is important to discuss surgical options with your healthcare provider.

Source: www.pregnancy-calendars.net
If placenta previa already scares me, well this placenta accreta scares me more. So I must admit that the news really affected me so much, and now I'm thinking what if...But erase, I don't want to entertain negative thoughts anymore because that won't do me and my baby any good. For now, I'll focus on my own case, take the bedrest really seriously, and see my OB as frequent as possible.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Affordable, High Quality, and Stylish $8 Eyeglasses from Zenni

Zenni Optical on TV!!! Wow! That's great news! See for yourself.

I've seen it a while ago and really I'm glad that Zenni continuously provides affordable, high quality, and stylish $ 8 Rx eyeglasses. If I were to get one for my 5-year old daughter, I'll choose this:

That pink frame looks cute, right? It will look good on Yana, I'm sure. I'll simply place my order online and have the item shipped for more convenience. Another great advantage buying from Zenni. You can even read more about it here: High Five to Zenni Optical!

So if you are also thinking about getting affordable eyeglasses for your children, visit Zenni now!

82 Days and Still Counting

According to my Babystrology.com widget on my other blog, The Baby in Between, it will be 82 days more before my due date. So, that means it will still be around 2 1/2 months more of waiting. I certainly hope that my baby will last that long inside me. Because with the bleeding episodes that I'm constantly experiencing, there's really a big possibility that I deliver this baby boy early.

Of course, any expectant mom would want to deliver a full-term baby. So, I really pray that my baby boy will reach even up to 37 weeks before I give birth to him. For now, it will be 82days more to go and I'm still counting.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Clinique Happy I Like

I've always loved wearing perfume. However, when I got pregnant I stopped using one because the fragrant smell often makes me feel nauseous. But as soon as I get over with this, I'll buy a new bottle of perfume, at least for a change. I still have my Victoria Secret here, but then it would be better if I switch to something new which has a milder scent like the Clinique Happy.

My friend Glad used to have one. The first time I tried it was when she allowed me to use it. The moment I sprayed it on my wrist, I immediately fell in love with its chic, modern, and multi-layered floral scent. So, from that day on, I promised myself that I'll get one once I'm done with this pregnancy. I thought of buying it from an online perfume site, that way it'll be more convenient for me.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pregnancy Update: 27 Weeks

I'm now on my 27th week of pregnancy. And believe me, everything is getting more and more difficult for me. Unlike my previous pregnancies, this one is really high risked. I have another episode of bleeding tonight, maybe due to the placenta previa partialis complication that I still have.

I know, I should be at the hospital right now instead of writing this blog. But, the stubborn me tells me that I should observe the bleeding first if it really won't go away overnight, or if the mild contractions that I'm feeling now persist. It's just me and the nanny here, so it's really difficult on my part in case I'd be admitted without anyone to look after me.

So, what else about me and my 27 week old baby inside? Hmmm. Oh the little one really kicks a lot now! Sometimes I even let the kids see him do that, and they are both so amazed to see my tummy moves. Anyway, here's more about me and baby at 27 weeks pregnancy:

Week 27

How Big is the Baby at 27 Weeks Pregnant?

Your baby at 27 weeks now weighs slightly over 2 pounds by 27 weeks pregnant. Your baby's total length is close to 15 inches during pregnancy at 27 weeks! Your baby is now a perfectly formed albeit very tiny human being, but of course will continue growing as you continue your pregnancy week by week .

Your Baby's Growth and Development

Your baby's systems continue to mature during pregnancy week 27 and your little one even starts accumulating some weight in the upcoming weeks.

Up until between the 27th and 28th weeks of pregnancy your baby's eyelids are fused together. After this week or next they will open. The retina or the light sensitive portion of the eye typically starts maturing at about 27 weeks of pregnancy. The layers that form in the retina will allow your baby's eyes to receive light and transmit the information it is receiving to the brain to form images. This basic process is referred to as 'sight'. Imagine that, at 27 weeks pregnant your baby is a tiny, seeing human being!

Your Growth and Development

Your uterus continues to climb the height of your stomach during pregnancy at 27 weeks, now measuring almost 2.8 inches above your belly button. If you were to measure your uterus from the pubic symphysis at 27 weeks pregnant you would find that it is approximately 27 centimeters to the top of the uterus.

Changes in You

You may start to notice that the abundant energy you experienced toward the first part of the second trimester is fading somewhat as you approach the third trimester. Your growing uterus is placing increasing demands on your circulation and your body during pregnancy 27 weeks and beyond. Remember it takes a lot of energy to create life. Try to get some much needed extra rests in the form of a nap or two if you can during the day. Even a small catnap in the front seat of your car if you are at work may be helpful.

You may start feeling increased Braxton hicks contractions during pregnancy at 27 weeks or later as you gear up for the third trimester. Again for most women Braxton hicks are simply the pre contractions that prepare you for labor and delivery. They are usually nothing to worry about unless you have a history of pre-term labor.

Source: www.womenshealthcaretopics.com

Monday, July 27, 2009

Camo Mint Nap Mat for Hubby

Hubby's friend, Kuya Jimmy, is here in the Philippines for a 2-week vacation. Tomorrow, we will meet somewhere in SM North so he can give me the MP3 player that hubby bought for me. I'm excited, of course, because I can already do away with the PSP which is way bigger to carry with me whenever I travel to and fro the office. At least with the MP3 player, I can easily slick it in my pocket.

Now, I'm thinking what to give hubby in return. I already asked him about this but he just told me not to bother anymore. But well, I'm a stubborn wife, so I'll get him something still. And you know what I'm thinking? I'm thinking about getting him this Camo Mint Nap Mat from Posy Lane. It looks nice, isn't it? Hubby can use it whenever he sleeps over at his friend's house there in South Korea. I just hope he'd like it.

So, okay, I'd better order one fast before hubby's friend goes back to SK. Hmmm. I'm also thinking about getting something for myself so I can save from shipping. I'm choosing between a purple towel wrap and a pink laundry bag. What should I choose?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Heartburn During Pregnancy

Lately, I've been experiencing a very uncomfortable pregnancy symptom which is called heartburn. I'm sure moms out there had also experienced the same thing when they were pregnant. It really feels awful, especially when that sharp, burning sensation suddenly runs through the chest, as if I drink a super cold water the moment I get out of the bed. So uncomfortable really.

During my pregnancy with Baby Guian, I also experienced heartburn, but not as bad and as early as this one. Imagine, I'm only on my 2nd trimester but the burning sensation is really making me feel very uncomfortable a early as now. When this happened last time, I did not do anything since it wasn't that bad. But this time, I don't think I can afford to just let it pass because it's really taking the toll on me. Even when I'm at the office working, I can feel that burning sensation inside me, and it's really so distracting. I could hardly concentrate doing my work. So, I did a little research in order for me to know what to do about it. For expectant moms like me, let me share to you this info:

Many women will experience heartburn during their pregnancy. Even for women who have never experienced it before, heartburn may occur for the first time while they are pregnant. That burning sensation in the chest and throat, and sour, acidic taste in the mouth, may become an all too familiar sensation for some of them. Why?

Heartburn during pregnancy occurs for a number of reasons. Increased levels of hormones in your body while pregnant can soften the ligaments that normally keep the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) tightly closed. If the LES relaxes at inappropriate times, food and stomach acids can reflux back up into your esophagus and throat. Also more pressure is put on your stomach as your body changes and your baby grows. This, in turn, can force stomach contents through the LES and into your esophagus.

Though you may not be able to eliminate heartburn completely, you can take some steps to minimize your discomfort.

* Don't eat foods that are known heartburn triggers. These include chocolate, citrus fruits and juices, tomatoes and tomato-based products, mustard, vinegar, mint products, and spicy, highly seasoned, fried, and fatty foods. For a complete list of foods to avoid, check out this chart. For foods that have a low risk of causing heartburn, check out this chart.

* Avoid drinks containing caffeine (coffee, tea, cola) because these can relax the LES and allow acid to reflux back into the esophagus.

* Avoid alcohol. Alcohol relaxes the LES. Read the article on alcohol and heartburn for more information.

* Don't eat big meals. Eat several small meals throughout the day instead.

* Don't rush through your meals. Take your time eating, and chew thoroughly.

* Wait at least three hours after your last meal before going to bed.

* It's important to drink plenty of water during pregnancy (8-10 glasses daily) along with other fluids, but don't drink these only at mealtimes. Large quantities of fluids can distend your stomach, putting more pressure on the LES and forcing it to open inappropriately. Drink some of your fluids in between meals.

* Sleep with your head and shoulders propped up with a wedge pillow or elevate the head of your bed six to eight inches. This will allow gravity to work for you and it will help keep your stomach acids where they should be--in your stomach and not in your esophagus. For some tips on easing nighttime heartburn, read this article.

* Wear loose, comfortable clothing. You need to avoid any tightness around your waist and stomach.

* Bend at the knees instead of at the waist. Bending at the waist puts more pressure on your stomach.

* Sit upright in a comfortable chair rather than slouching.

* Gain a sensible amount of weight and stay within the guidelines your doctor suggests. Too much of a weight, and obesity, puts more pressure on your stomach, and can force stomach contents through the LES and into your esophagus.

* Don't smoke. While your doctor may urge you break the habit because you're pregnant, smoking can also increase your odds of experiencing heartburn. Read about smoking and heartburn to find out the reasons smoking increases heartburn.

* You should always check with your doctor before taking any over-the-counter remedies while pregnant, but there are a few choices you have that can help eliminate heartburn. Some heartburn relievers such as Tums, Maalox, Mylanta, Rolaids, or Gaviscon may prove helpful. Again, it's important that you check with your doctor before taking any of these remedies.

Source: heartburn.about.com

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

It's A Boy!

Yes, it's a boy! I had my pelvic ultrasound done this afternoon and I couldn't believe when the sonologist told me that what I'm having is a baby boy. WOW! As in, it was amazing! I've been longing for a baby boy ever since I had two girls, so today I finally realized that dream. God really answers prayers. And I'm more than thankful that after a long wait, he's finally here - my long-awaited dream. Oh, I can't wait to see him!

I'm only on my 24th week of pregnancy, so it means I still have to wait for about 16 weeks before I can see how adorable my little boy is. Oh, I wonder how is eyes look, his nose, his lips, everything! I'm really excited, very excited. And I'm pretty sure the little girls will be so happy too because they also wanted to have a baby brother this time. Can't wait to go home and tell them the good news.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Just Like the Good Ol' Days

Back when I was still in our hometown, I used to play billiards with some of my friends in bars. Although I was not so good at it, I managed to break the rack and sink some balls. Now, I'm starting to miss those days. With this pregnancy that I'm going through, all the more it's impossible for me to go out and play billiards with friends.

Good thing, I found this site which allows me to play multiplayer games,8c1.net.http://www.8c1.net online. Even at the comfort of my room, I can invite my friends to play billiards online with me. Or in case they're not available, I can always join the other players via the net. Oh, this is just like the good ol' days!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Leg Cramps During Pregnancy

Oh, how I hate leg cramps during pregnancy! This isn't the first time that I experienced it, but I still couldn't bear the pain whenever I feel my leg muscles tightening. Usually, it occurs at the middle of the night. I didn't know if I made a wrong turn while sleeping last night, the next thing I knew I was already crying in pain. I already tried to stretch my calf muscle by flexing my toes back toward the shim, but that didn't help still. So, I called out Baby Guian's nanny to flex my toes for me.And there, I found relief.

Whew, I don't know until when I'll experience these leg cramps. So, I researched about it to learn more how to get relief when it strikes and to avoid experiencing it further.

Why am I having leg cramps during pregnancy?

No one really knows why women have more leg cramps when they're pregnant. It's possible that your leg muscles are tired from carrying around all of your extra weight. Or they may be aggravated by the pressure your expanding uterus puts on the blood vessels that return blood from your legs to your heart and the nerves that lead from your trunk to your legs.

Leg cramps may start to plague you during your second trimester and may get worse as your pregnancy progresses and your belly gets bigger. While these cramps can occur during the day, you'll probably notice them most at night.

How can I prevent these cramps?

Try these tips for keeping leg cramps at bay:

• Avoid standing or sitting with your legs crossed for long periods of time.

• Stretch your calf muscles regularly during the day and several times before you go to bed.

• Rotate your ankles and wiggle your toes when you sit, eat dinner, or watch TV.

• Take a walk every day, unless your midwife or doctor has advised you not to exercise.

• Avoid getting too tired. Lie down on your left side to improve circulation to and from your legs.

• Stay hydrated during the day by drinking water regularly.

• Try a warm bath before bed to relax your muscles.

• There's some evidence that taking a magnesium supplement in addition to a prenatal vitamin may help some women. Check with your provider before taking any kind of supplement during pregnancy.

You may have heard that having leg cramps is a sign that you need more calcium, and that calcium supplements will relieve the problem. Though it's certainly important to get enough calcium, there's no good evidence that taking extra calcium will help prevent leg cramps during pregnancy. In fact, in one well-designed study, pregnant women taking calcium got no more relief from leg cramps than those taking a placebo.

What's the best way to relieve a cramp when I get one?

If you do get a cramp, immediately stretch your calf muscles: Straighten your leg, heel first, and gently flex your toes back toward your shins. It might hurt at first, but it will ease the spasm and the pain will gradually go away.

You can try to relax the cramp by massaging the muscle or warming it with a hot water bottle. Walking around for a few minutes may help too.

With this information on hand, I know exactly what to do now when I experience leg cramps.

Thanks www.babycenter.com for this info!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Baby Guian Wants a Toddler Backpack

Ever since my 5-year old daughter started going to school last Monday, my Baby Guian suddenly became very eager to have her own toddler backpack as well. She and the nanny are the ones who send and fetch Ate Yana to daycare school from Monday to Friday. So, whenever Baby Guian sees her Ate looking really cute from wearing her backpack, she keeps on saying that she wants one as well.

So to grant her wish, I decided to check some toddler backpack options. And here is what I liked so much so far:

Almost all of Baby Guian's stuffs, starting from clothes to shoes and accessories, are colored pink. So, I thought she'd also love this pink pony mint toddler backpack. I found it from Posy Lane, an online shop that offers a wide array of personalized items such as kids backpacks, ezy roller, laundry bags, and even personalized children's plates. It's really a great site, so why don't you check it out as well?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pregnancy Update: Week 21

When I arrived at the office this morning, I was still feeling a little better. But after 2 hours in front of my desk, I can already feel my lower abdomen aching. I don't know what's causing this discomfort; I felt worried because perhaps, it's the placenta previa totalis again. I haven't visited my OB-GYNE since the last time I had an ultrasound, I guess that's over a month ago. So, this lower abdominal pain really scared me.

For now, I just did a research about my pregnancy update. Since my due date is on October 22nd, I'm now entering week 21.

How Big is the Baby at 21 Weeks Pregnant?

By pregnancy week 21 your baby now weighs over 10 ounces and is a little larger than 7 inches long or about the length of a full banana by now! Your baby will continue to grow at a remarkable pace as you continue your pregnancy week by week.

Your Baby's Growth and Development

By pregnancy 21 weeks your baby's growth has now slowed somewhat though your baby is still growing and developing at a remarkable pace. At pregnancy week 21 your baby's organs and central nervous system are still developing and maturing. Your baby's skin continues to develop and mature as well.

Though not fully matured or developed, your baby's digestive system is also working minimally at pregnancy 21 weeks. The intestines are slowly starting to contract and relax during pregnancy at 21 weeks, and your baby is able to swallow and absorb fluids through the amniotic fluid at 21 weeks pregnant.

Though it seems unusual that your baby may swallow amniotic fluid, this actually helps mature the digestive system.

At some point in your pregnancy, you might actually start noticing that your baby has started hiccupping. Believe it or not, hiccupping in utero is actually quite common, and typically not a sign that your baby is in distress. Fetal hiccups typically begin sometime during the second trimester. You may notice hiccups as a small, repetitive and rhythmic movement that occurs for a few minutes at a time in your belly. Many women actually enjoy the sensation of their baby's hiccups because it reminds them that all is well with their newborn baby.

Changes in Mommy:

You may be noticing aches and pains in your leg during or after 21 weeks pregnant. Just as with varicose veins, discussed in previous weeks, support stockings can help alleviate leg heaviness and aches during pregnancy. Try putting your maternity support hose on first thing in the morning before you get out of bed. This will help alleviate unnecessary swelling and discomfort in your legs.

Also consider propping your feet up when sitting if you don't already do so. Another way to alleviate aches and pains is regular exercise and stretching. Consider a 15-minute stretch and walk during your lunch break or once in the morning and once during the afternoon. This will go a long way toward alleviating aches and pains.

Source: www.pregnancyhut.com

Monday, June 08, 2009

Pink and Aqua Laundry Bags I Like

I've been thinking what stuff to bring when I give birth this October. Aside from the usual baby clothes and things, I'm also considering the other important items that the nanny and I will use at the hospital. And since I'm expecting more laundries during the day I give birth, I'm planning to bring laundry bags.

Yes, it's a must that we bring these laundry bags along so we'll be able to organize the clothing that the baby and I will use at the hospital. But I don't want ordinary bags at that. I want something like these aqua and pink laundry bags. Aren't they cute? They're being offered at Posy Lane, together with these baby memory books and kids backpack. Whether you want to get one for personal use or as a gift, these items from Posy Lane will sure suit your budget.

Now, let me look at these laundry bags again. What do you think, should I go for the pink one or the aqua one? Feel free to share your comment.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Macbook's Busted

Jeez, why now? One minute I was updating my Mac software, then another minute this message appeared:

Panic (system crashes) log Size: 2.51 KB Last Modified: 4/17/06 8:14 AM Location: /Library/Logs/panic.log Recent Contents: Fri Apr 14 20:52:55 2006 panic(cpu 0 caller 0x0034FC40): mbuf address out of range 0x21460000 Backtrace, Format - Frame : Return Address (4 potential args on stack) 0x25b3bbc4 : 0x128b5e (0x3bbeb8 0x25b3bbe8 0x131bbc 0x0) 0x25b3bc04 : 0x34fc40 (0x3db914 0x21460000 0x25b30010 0x37445300) 0x25b3bc24 : 0x34ffe7 (0x37445300 0x47b1630 0x0 0xde) 0x25b3bc44 : 0x22d2ff (0x37445300 0x1 0x1 0x601000a) 0x25b3be14 : 0x222007 (0x37445300 0x14 0x25b3bf14 0x526b8506) 0x25b3be54 : 0x223a8b (0x37445300 0x14 0x6 0x0) 0x25b3bf64 : 0x211109 (0x37445300 0x37445300 0x42cb5c 0x135798) 0x25b3bfa4 : 0x1f773d (0x46b9e04 0x37445300 0x3745c816 0x1) 0x25b3bfd4 : 0x197a21 (0x0 0x0 0x3fa0d48 0x134aec) Backtrace terminated-invalid frame pointer 0x0 Kernel version: Darwin Kernel Version 8.6.1: Tue Mar 7 16:55:45 PST 2006; root:xnu-792.9.22.obj~1/RELEASE_I386

Together with this image:

Image Source: Wikipedia

I already searched the net for some troubleshooting tips, but my Macbook doesn't want to cooperate, still the same message and image appeared. I'm really losing hope that I can fix this now. I guess, the only solution to this is to have it checked by a computer technician. Oh, if only Daddy G is here, I'm sure he knows how to fix this.

So, what for me to do? Nada, as in nothing. The more I try to resolve this issue by myself, the bigger the risks for it to get busted more. So okay, I leave you alone for now, Macbook!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Our Neighbor's Warning on Asbestos Exposure

Weeks ago, our house had minor kitchen ceiling repairs due to the leak coming from the 2nd floor bathroom. Since the old ceiling was already damaged, the construction worker replaced it with another, which was according to him was made of asbestos combined with other materials.

I've heard the word asbestos a couple of times already, but never really knew that exposure to it could pose so much danger, until my neighbor saw me putting out of the house some of those asbestos ceiling remains. I was surprised when he told me that asbestos exposure could lead to lung cancer called mesothelioma. Often times, workers from construction and auto mechanics are the ones diagnosed with this. So, upon learning about this risk, Daddy and I decided to just replace the ceiling with something made from a better material.

I'm really glad that our neighbor warned my family and me as early as now. Because if not, any of us could be suffering from mesothelioma in the long run. But for those who are already diagnosed with this condition, there is still hope. And in order to receive compensation, consulting an experienced Mesothelioma Lawyer is the key. Manufacturers of this asbestos should be held liable for their exposure, thus they should pay.


Thursday, June 04, 2009

Pregnancy Update: Week 20

I am now in week 20 and so my bulging tummy is becoming more visible. I even started wearing maternity clothes because my jeans and shirts are so tight already. With my black leggings on and loose blouses and shirts, I could move comfortably without having to worry about abdominal pain later.

So, how about the little fella inside? "He's" doing good, I guess, because at night, he keeps on doing somersaults which leave me sleeping rather late. But as far as his condition inside is concerned, I don't have a clue since I haven't had another ultrasound yet. Anyway, I made a research a while ago to check on my baby's development at week 20.

Week 20: How Big is Baby?

By pregnancy week 20 your baby is now almost 9 ounces and is between 5 1/2 and 6 1/2 inches long! The pregnancy week by week changes occurring at this stage are truly remarkable.

Baby's Growth and Development:

By pregnancy 20 weeks your baby is now practicing breathing and swallowing on a regular basis. Your baby continues to grow and fill out, with the head becoming slightly more proportional to the rest of the body.

Your baby's skin is becoming more complex at the end of pregnancy week 20, forming different layers. The epidermis, or surface of your baby's skin now has four layers that contain ridges for fingertips. The layers that form in your baby's palms and feet will provide him with his own unique fingerprint later in life.

I'm really getting more excited about this pregnancy. I'm halfway there and so stay with me until this little fella comes out.

Source: www.babycenter.com

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Rustic Furniture for Our Cavite Home

We moved in to our newly purchased home in Cavite just recently. So, what can you expect but a super-bare unit, waiting to be filled-in with really unique furniture and fixtures. Now, I'm thinking about getting rustic furniture for our bedroom. It brings a different kind of warmth inside the room, as if we're being drawn to nature closer. But I wonder whether Daddy G will like the idea or not, since our bedroom is not as big as this one.

Anyway, if he won’t like it, we’ll just look for other options. He mentioned to me before that he prefers wooden bed, but not the rustic type.

Meet Phoebz' Other-Half

For those who don't know me personally and for those who are not constant visitors of my family blog, The Baby in Between, perhaps you're wondering who is Phoebz' other-half. You've read so many posts here about my pregnancies, yet no clue as to who is the "lucky" dad :D . LOL.

Okay, so without further ado, let me introduce to you my other-half, Daddy G.

Daddy G is currently working in South Korea as an OFW. He just came home last January to spend a really memorable 2-month vacation with me and Baby Guian. He's a really funny and sweet guy, and he loves kids. I even envied him when my little girl learned first to call him Daddy than calling me Mommy. And mind you, she can sleep oh-so-soundly on his chest, while when with me, she won't stay even for a minute. But I love seeing them so sweet together, they are the two most precious gems of my life.

Anyway, back to Daddy G, hmm what else can I say about him? He's a very responsible and supportive husband and dad, a really helpful son and sibling, and a hardworking man at that. Sometimes, he would even work on a Sunday just to earn more than the usual. On the negative side, well, he's a little childish sometimes - which is acceptable because we all feel like kids sometimes. But overall, my other-half is really one great guy, who loves us and we love in return so much.

So that's it! Now you already know more about me and my family. Journey with us both as we welcome our new baby which is really coming soon.

Curious About buzzTrendz and Twitter

I told my husband the other night that I'm so into Twitter once again. In an instant, he was curious, and so I explained to me what it was. And just this noon, he found a new dneero conversation about buzzTrendz - bringing Twitter and YouTube together. Even if he wasn't that familiar with Twitter yet, he managed to answer the survey as honest as he could. Here's how the survey goes:

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

My Other Blogs

Good morning guys! What's up? What have you been up to lately? Me here, I'm quite busy updating my two other blogs, The Baby in Between and Phoebe Online. Although I'm spending more time on my family blog which is the former, I still see to it that I get to update this one and the latter. I admit, it's not easy to maintain three blogs at the same time. But I'm coping.

Anyway, if you have time, feel free to visit my other blogs. For now, let me get back to work. Ciao!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Over With Renting

Yes, it's true! Finally, I'm over with renting. Two months ago, we already moved in to the house and lot that my husband and I purchased. Although it's a little bit far from my work, I can manage the daily trip so long as my children are living conveniently in a house with bigger space compared to the unit that we have rented prior to moving in. Really, I’m thankful that we already have a place that we can call our own. But in case my friends need my advise about renting, I’ll always be open about it. I’d encourage them to try Real Property Management service so that it’ll be easier for them to find the unit for rent that suits their needs.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Constipation During Pregnancy

Lately, I've been experiencing constipation. It's so uncomfortable, to the extend that sometimes I don't feel like eating anymore. I always feel as if my stomach is so full, and there's a need for me to move my bowel. But when I'm already there, nothing happens.

They say that constipation is very common during pregnancy. This is mainly caused by hormonal changes brought by pregnancy and influences the whole digestive system. Symptoms often include the following:

  • More than four days between each bowel movement.

  • Feces are hard, which are difficult to pass.

  • A feeling that not all the feces are being passed.

Aaarrgghhh, I really want constipation relief as soon as possible! If only I'm not pregnant, I would have taken one of those tea that I used to drink to help me pass my poops. But for now all I can do is to eat enough fibre, drink more water, and take exercise. I just hope these would help sooner.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summertime is Back

Yep, summertime is back. And so we thought that it's over since the first week of May was rainy due to the two typhoons that hit our country. Now, it's hello sunshine once again. Although some people hated this summer heat in the Philippines, for me it's way better than the rainy days. It takes me 8 rides a day to and fro work, so this type of weather suits me well. And no doubt, if I’d be in Arizona, I’ll be able to manage well in spite of the heat. I heard there are new home developments in Arizona. If you're thinking about living in Arizona like hubby and I do, why not contact Scottsdale Arizona realtors now?

Hey, I Felt Him Move!

Yes, the little one is making those mini kicks again. I just felt him move a while ago. And it brought a smile to my face. As early as 19 weeks, I can already feel those little movements, and I can hardly wait to feel bigger ones as my pregnancy progresses.

Twenty-one weeks more and I'm off to see this little guy - (yeah, still hoping here that he's a little guy this time). Can't wait to see how he looks and touch his little hands and feet. Hmmm. I wonder if his foot is as cute as this one.

Image from: downtownbeatons.blogspot.com

Green Web Hosting for Phoebz Place

I've already secured a web hosting service for my domain name phoebeonline.com. Now, I'm thinking about getting another domain name and choosing a web hosting service provider for this blog, Phoebz Place. I've started this personal blog almost 3 years ago, created a couple of posts, and earned a little out of it. This year, I'm planning to give it a makeover, starting of course with a new domain name and web hosting.

With the domain name, I've already decided to get one from where I also acquired phoebeonline.com. But for web hosting, I'm still unsure what provider to choose. I'm thinking about going green this time - something which is more eco-friendly, a green web hosting perhaps. I want to contribute in my own way in saving the earth. So since a green host uses eco-friendly sources such as recycled wastes and plant trees to power its datacenter, it would be the best option for me.

To begin my search, I visited Web Hosting Geeks. And guess what I found? Really helpful green web hosting reviews, on which providers are also ranked according to their features and bonus features. A great site about web hosting, indeed! Finding the best green web hosting provider for Phoebz Place has been a breeze for a not-so-techie blogger like me.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pregnancy Update: Week 18

I am now in week 18 of my pregnancy (almost 5 months at that). So far, so good. So good in the sense that I can manage to travel 8 short and long rides a day, to and from work. However, there are times that I find myself wishing that I'm just at home working and looking after the kids at the same time. In times like these, I simply console myself by saying this pregnancy will soon be over and that everything will be back to normal for me.

So, how am I and the baby doing in week 18? We're good, yeah! Although I'm not sure if I'm already placenta previa totalis-free. I haven't visited my OB-GYNE since my prenatal checkup last April and haven't had another ultrasound yet, so I have no clue. But still, I'm hoping that the placenta already migrated and that the baby shifted position from breech to head first. Anyway, on June 1, I'm planning to visit a new OB-GYNE near our vicinity. Only then will I know how my pregnancy condition is.

For now, I just update myself with what to look forward in pregnancy week 18 by researching on the Internet. So far, here is what I found out:

The Mom:

The hormones in pregnancy can cause changes in the appearance of your skin and hair. You may find that you have uneven patches of color or a butterfly shaped one called "the mask of pregnancy". These changes are more common in dark-skinned women. Your capillaries under your skin on your face can increase, causing you to look flushed. This is sometimes referred to as the "glow" that pregnant women are thought to have about them. You can use your foundation to cover both of these.

Your hair may appear thicker, it may gain a little curl, or it may start thinning. You will find that whatever your hair type, it usually becomes worse, i.e. dry hair becomes dryer.

You can now feel your uterus just below your navel.The average woman has gained close to 12 pounds by now.


  • Breast Changes, tenderness, fullness, darkening of the areola
  • Frequent Urination
  • Constipation
  • Indigestion or heartburn
  • Occasional headaches
  • Stretch Marks (cocoa butter can help with these)
  • Itching
The Baby:

This week your baby is about 5.6 inches long and by the end of the week will weigh about 5 ounces! She is really growing! You are also growing as well, Mom! You can probably feel your uterus just under your navel. You have probably gained about 10 to 12 pounds.

Source: http://www.amazingpregnancy.com/weekbyweek/week18.html

Image Source: www.babycorner.com

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Scrubs - What is it?

When I gave birth to Baby Guian last 2007, the nurse who assisted me was very kind and friendly. She was also very patient in answering my questions with regards to postpartum concerns. I knew it was part of her job as a nurse. But after I read these inspiring nurses’ stories from Scrubs, a nursing clinical site, I realized that the nursing profession is far more than just caring, assisting, and answering patients’ questions all throughout their stay in the hospital.

Scrubs is a site dedicated to nurses all over the globe. It aims to inspire nurses and non-nurses alike through their articles, which are written by nurses themselves.

Recently, Scrubs launched this nursing poll with the question, “What is your favorite fictional portrayal of a nurse?” I participated and answered Carol Hathaway of ER. She’s really very effective in that role, and so I must say she’s my best choice. Well, no doubt, she has the highest vote as of today with 31%.

Aside from the nursing poll, Scrubs also has this Tip Jar page. It’s like a Q&A page, which is very helpful not only to nurses but also to non-nurses like myself. I’ve read through some questions and picked one that really caught my interest. It’s about How to Deal with a Patient Who Has Postpartum Depression. I’m currently pregnant, so the information I got from that tip would be really be of help. Thanks Scrubs!

Scrubs is really a great site to read. And now more than ever, I admire the nurses more, and so I’m looking forward to meeting the nurse who will assist me on my delivery this coming October.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Placenta Previa Totalis

Last April, I underwent an ultrasound. I made a post about it in my family blog, The Baby in Between. The result showed that I was experiencing a serious pregnancy complication called Placenta Previa Totalis. Some of you may be familiar with this condition. But for those who are not, you can hop on to my Placenta Previa post to learn more about it.

At first, I was so scared. But after reading various forums where moms, who also experienced the same complication, shared their PP stories, I felt a little relieved. Most of them were able to give birth normally because their placenta migrated after a couple of weeks or months, totally clearing the cervix to give way for the baby. So after reading, I'm more than hopeful that my placenta will also migrate since my uterus will still grow bigger as weeks pass.

I'm now on my 18th week of my pregnancy. Ten weeks more and I'm off to another ultrasound. Keeping my fingers crossed that my placenta already moved out of the baby's way. And I'm praying hard as well that me and my baby will continue to be safe all throughout this pregnancy.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Preggy Again!!!

Whew, it's been a month since I last made an update on this blog. But anyway, I'm here again, making this quick post to update you guys of what's happening to Phoebz. Well, aside from the fact that I'm still a full-time working mom, now I'm excited to announce that I have another baby on the way.

Yes, I'm preggy again! I'm now at 12 weeks, almost over with my first trimester. However, I'm still feeling the same symptoms like on the 1st trimester - vommitting, nausea, morning sickness, moodiness, etc. I thought, once I entered my 2nd trimester, my pregnancy will be a little bit more fun. But, I was wrong.

Anyway, in spite of these really uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms, I'm so glad that my husband is more supportive now than when I was conceiving Baby Guian. If you will look back at my posts here way back 2007, I had a really depressing pregnancy with her because her dad was somewhat "confused" during that time. But now, he's really changed, and hopefully, he'll continue to be the supportive and loving husband that he is.

So that's it for now. Journey with me as I continue to update you on this pregnancy.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In Search No More for Personal Loans and Business Loans Source

When I was in college, I knew very little about personal loans, much more about business loans and business credit. Although my course was Business Administration, Major in Management, my mind wasn't really into starting my own business. It was more about being in a managerial position, in a reputable firm.

But now that I've already achieved what I wanted, though only in the supervisory level at that, I want to try something new - like having my own business. But since I don’t have huge savings yet for a starting capital, I tried to look around for a reliable source where I can apply for personal loans or business loans. And guess what I found? It’s EZUnsecured.com! Their experts have been around in the business for years, so they know exactly how they would help us, would-be small business owners, in obtaining the capital that we need.

I’ve even read one feedback saying: "You can Trust EZUnsecured.com - They know what they are doing - The people there are very experienced and they take their work very seriously". So, nothing to worry about now! I guess I’ve already found the exact solution to my problem. The next step now is to apply.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

No Way This Gonna Die

You might be thinking that I've totally abandoned this blog because I already have a family blog which I constantly update. No, it's not exactly that way and there's no way this gonna die. I love this blog, therefore I am keeping it, and now I'm reviving it.
So, for those who haven't heard from me for a couple of months, Phoebz is back and Phoebz' Place is still alive and kicking. I'm still a full-time working employee in the same old company, a freelance writer on the side, and a trying-to-be-the-best mom when at home. And guess what's new? Well, another baby is on the way. Hopefully, it's a real Baby Guian boy this time! I'm on my 2nd month of pregnancy, and mind you, I'm not loving it. Morning sickness sucks and I hardly eat a thing. It's as if everything doesn't seem to please my taste buds. Arrrgghh!
Anyway, hope everything is okay with you whatever part of the globe you are. I know, you do miss this blog and do look forward to my updates. So, here I am. Back from nowhere and again let me say that no way this blog's gonna die. As in, no way!