Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Me in the Online World

Looking back at Dex's posts a while ago, I happened to see this one which was written last January 17. I have read this before, but I completely forgot continuing the meme because I was too occupied with work stuff.

But anyway, now that I found the time, guess it's time to let this meme live on.

How long have you been blogging?

If I remember it right, I started blogging last 2005. It was on my friendster blog. Actually, I've heard the word blog even before 2005, but I was never aware back then what a blog is. So, when I've learned that a blog is just like a diary or journal, it immediately caught my attention, then the rest was history.

So, to count the years I've been blogging, guess it's almost 3 years now.

What inspired you to start a blog and who are your mentors?

Way back in 2005, nothing really inspired me to start blogging and I have no mentor either. When I made my first post, it was just some sort of an emotional release. I was feeling restless during that time, and after writing it down, I felt somewhat relieved. So, since then, blogging became my own way of relieving stress and expressing some thoughts and feelings which I found difficult sharing to anyone in person.

But as of now, there are lots of things that inspire me to blog. One of which is my Baby Gaby. Ever since I found out that she was inside me, I was so enthusiastic to broadcast it to the world. So, if you will see my posts here way back in 2007, you will notice that most of it pertains to baby and pregnancy. But now, I made a separate family blog for us - Baby Gab, her dad, and me. It's entitled "The Baby in Between".

Are you trying to make money online, or just doing it for fun?
Yup, I do try to blog for money, but that doesn't mean that I don't do it for fun anymore. In every post that I make, I always see to it that I inject my personal thoughts on it, thus I enjoy writing it because I can still relate to the topics that I discuss.
But you see, before, it never really occurred to me that I can earn through this hobby or past time. So, when my colleauges shared to me how rewarding blogging can be financially, I told myself, "why not give it a try". Considering the additional expenses that I have to make now for my baby, blogging for money is certainly a big help for a mom like me.

Tell me three things you love about being online.
Well, to start with, of course I love being online because it enables me to communicate with Gaby's dad more often. Email and chat services make it possible and easy for me to show Gaby's dad of her developments (from infant to toddler) and of course, to relay to him about her needs.
Another thing is that, being online allows me to communicate or interact with other people from difference places. (Ssshhh. I'm not into chatting anymore...I'm talking about my friends and schoolmates way back who are now abroad..wink!)
And lastly, I love being online because it provides me a lot of information. From pregnancy topics to babies upto relationships, travel, and technology, the Internet has it all.

Tell me three things you struggle within the online world.
For one, I struggle learning everything that can be learned online (web design, downloading softwares, etc. etc.) I'm used to attending real classes so I really find it hard to learn these stuff online.
Next, I find it difficult to update all the blogs that I created. You see, even this blog is sometimes neglected when work is really hectic.
And third, it is a struggle for me to balance my time between blogging and chatting to my baby's dad (who happens to be in Korea now). I certainly hope I'll be able to manage this really sooner.
So, folks that's the last one. Time to tag other people now so this continues...Good luck Jirl, Nays, Mina, and Twinkle.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Celeb Mom and Baby

I was blog hopping this afternoon when I stumbled on this post entitled Celebrity Chiik by Yhen. It was like a Fake Magazine Cover which features her as the cover girl. (In your dreams, Yhen..wehehe!) But hey, you look good on that cover. Very far from a celebrity though, wehehehe...just kiddin'..Peace!

Anyway, I kinda envy you on that, so I created one for myself. Here check it out:

So, what do you think? Does my pic fit on that Seventeen mag? With a little emphasis on that nice dimple, I'm sure anyone will think that I still look like I'm seventeen. (Yeah ryt, dream on Phoebe!)

How about my little girl? Hmmm, let us see if she has a promising career as a cover girl.

She looks so cute, right? And look at those eyes and that adorable smile. Oh, I'm so proud of my baby, and mind you, she's not camera shy at all.

So, want to create your own fake magazine cover? Click here.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Online Casino Games

Since I'm back home, I have more time now to surf the net. And so last night, I went back to my routine - checking the web for sites which I find interesting like this online casino site. Yup, if you are into internet casino gambling online, this site can offer you with various casino games. Check out this easy-to-navigate website and enjoy playing in a virtual casino.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Doing Taxes The Easy Way

Hey, I'm back home and it feels good to see my little Gaby again. But in as much as I want to spend more time with her, I just can't yet because here I am working again. Anyhow, I'll just make it up to her during the weekend or when I get back home later this afternoon.

So, what's new for me now that I'm back here in my place? Well, I guess, I have to start doing the important things that I neglected to do almost two weeks ago. One of which is updating my tax exemption status. You see, I realized just this January that my tax exemption status is not updated, which means all this time I paid more taxes than what I was supposed to. So, now that I'm here I need to look into this and put it in my priority "to-do" list as a taxpayer.

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Turbo Tax is indeed a great help for taxpayers. Now, let me go back to updating my tax exemption status.

Monday, February 11, 2008

I Miss My Little Girl

When I woke up this morning, I was full of energy and thought that this would be a great day in spite the fact that I'm still away from my Baby Gab. But when I logged in this morning and started seeing her pictures in my blog, I suddenly felt this heavy feeling and just wanted to burst in tears. I tried to control my emotions though since there are a few people here who'd see me and would wonder why I'm crying.

For other moms out there, I'm sure they would understand what I'm feeling now. It's been over a week since I left my little girl, yet it already feels like months. I miss my baby so much, really I do. I'm just not used to sleeping without her, or waking up in the morning not feeling her small body beside me. I miss her, damn I miss her. I don't want to cry here, it's too embarrassing, but damn I really miss her.

For the past days, I kept myself busy and occupied so I won't think about her too much. But you see, as a mom, anyone can't blame me if I'm feeling a little emotional whenever I remember my kiddo or see other babies with their moms and dads at the mall. I'm sure, other moms or even dads feel the same way when they're away from their kids.

So I'm thinking, if I feel so homesick now that I've been away for more than a week, what more if I pursue my plan of applying for work abroad? Oh, just the thought of it, makes me all the more emotional. Last year, I was too determined to apply for a job abroad this 2008. But now, I'm having second thoughts. What do you think, should I leave or should I stay? Do you think it would be worth it if I leave my little girl behind just to give her a brighter future? Or would it rather be an advantage if I'd settle with what I have now and see her grow at the same time?

Questions, questions, and still more questions. I need answers, all the answers! But for now, I'll have to wait for the day to be over, so I can go back home tomorrow and see my little girl.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Exciting Online Casino Site

Okay, so I'm still away from home, which means I need to find ways to keep myself busy and occupied so I won't miss my baby too much. I'm done with shopping yesterday, so the only thing I can do now is to surf the net just to get myself occupied. I'm here at the nearest cafe, checking my emails and browsing the net at the same time for something interesting. Then, I came across this online casino site. It has a cool design, and well with the bonus they're giving, I'm sure a lot of players who are into gambling casino online will be interested.

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Friday, February 08, 2008

Great Online Casino Guide

Five days down, one more to go. Whew, this week is really so stressful, with all those meetings and all. I wish, I can take a break after this. But I don't think that would be possible since I will be busy with the copy editing training next week.

So, what do you think should I do for fun? Maybe, I can just surf the web and see if I can find a fun way to relieve stress. Hmmm...Ideas, anyone? How about playing in an online casino?

Before, I was not so familiar with this one. But since I have a friend who is very much into playing in real casino, I'm beginning to like it as well.

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Need Cash Now?

I received a good news this morning. According to the accounting department, our cash conversion for our leave credits will be available this afternoon. This is really a good news since I'm already running out of cash and payday is still a week away.

Being a single working mom really needs tough budgeting of finances. From my baby's needs up to my day-to-day expenses, I have to make sure that my budget will fit until the next payday. However, there are some unexpected situations on which I have to spend more than what I just intended to. I am sure a lot of single working moms experience the same thing. Good thing, Perfect Cash Advance can provide us with a solution.

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New Year, New Home! Hopefully...

One of my plans this year is to either buy a house or have my own house built. I've been renting my place for a year now and whenever I pay my monthly rent, I can't help but think that it would be better if I apply for a loan financing so that I can start having my own house.

This idea of buying a home or having my house built has been playing on my mind for a couple of months now. Unfortunately, I could not really give it a serious thought since there are lots of other things to consider like my finances. I am pretty sure that there are other would-be home buyers out there who are in the same boat as mine. But in times like this, Mortgage Finders Network can be of big help.

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Credit Cards to the Rescue

I've been away from home for 5days now, and I would admit that I'm running out of cash. I'm thinking of buying some stuff for my baby when I get home, but how can I do so if I don't have enough cash here. If only I have a credit card with me here, this problem is solved right away.

Before, I didn't give getting a credit card much consideration. But when my baby came last November, all the more that I needed one since there are times that I run out of cash yet I have to buy infant formula and diapers for her. You see, being a single parent is not easy. I have to make sure that my finances are well-budgeted so that I can provide my baby with all the things that she needs.

I am sure, other single parents out there share the same problem with me. And in situations like this, credit cards can really come to the rescue. But since there are lots of credit card offers nowadays, choosing the right credit card can be a tough one.

Good thing, Your Credit Network is here to help those who are trying to find a credit card. This site features credit card reviews and other credit card information to serve as guide for those searching for the best credit card offer. With their reviews, including their credit card blog, finding the right credit card is now way much easier. So, why not check this one out?

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Great Find! Best Buy!

I've been suffering from eye strain the past days. Since I work too long in front of the computer, at the end of the day, I can feel my eyeballs as if they are ready to pop out. I was thinking, perhaps I needed new eyeglasses.

A year ago, I had an eye consultation because I was suffering the same eye strain that I am feeling now. I, then, found out that I already need to have my eyeglasses. I had one, but only wore it for just a month or two, while in fact, it has to be worn everyday. So, now I'm suffering the consequences.

Good thing, there is now a quick solution to my problem. I found this Great Discovery: Zenni Optical, a reliable online source of stylish and affordale eyeglasses.

Why buy expensive ones if I can have one of these Zenni Optical $8 Rx Glasses. Yup, in just $8, anyone can now have a new eyeglasses without the fuss.

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Friday, February 01, 2008

I Need A Break!

Aarrgghh, I feel so stressed out! I badly need a break. How I wish I can easily escape from all my responsibilities and book a flight right at this very minute.

Just a few days ago, my baby's dad and I were talking about traveling to various destinations when he comes home next year. This would be a perfect time for us to relax and also to talk about our future plans for our almost 3-month old baby girl. We do not have concrete travel destinations in mind, but we were considering Spain as an option.

Spain is a home to many beautiful towns and cities like Sitges, Marbella, Torremolinos, and Benidorm. Spending a nice vacation to any of these will sure be a pleasurable one. But to make the experience truly memorable, everything should be planned accordingly including the hotel accommodations.

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