Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Life's Not All About Money

I've learned something this morning which leaves me thinking up to this very moment. I know, I'm not supposed to be worrying about the "future" as early as now. But, I couldn't help it.

I want a complete family, I'm sure about that. However, there are "some people" who seem to be getting in the way so I won't be able to achieve this. What are "their" reason? Well, it's all about the MONEY! MONEY! and MORE MONEY! And honestly, I'm not too happy about it. I don't know why "some people" are so selfish to the extend that they deprive others from being together and from being happy. They think that if "we" are already together as a family, money will not anymore come their way. Why, is life just all about money? What about family? Health? Character? Aren't those factors more important?

I don't understand why in our society some people look at money as the most important thing or factor in order to be happy and contented. They say, "Money is Power". Yes, indeed, it is! But do you think it's right to put money on top of everything, even on top of family and character?

I really feel sad how money can transform a person's character from being humble and happy even with just simple things to discontented and selfish. How I wish "these people" will realize as early as now that there are more important things than money.

Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” - Hebrews 13:5

Contentment is not the fulfillment of what you want, but the realization of how much you already have.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pour Gagner L'Argent, Maintenant !

Whew, for the first time, I'll be making this French post. I've always loved to learn French. And now that I'm given a chance, let me share this to you.

Une des choses que je souhaite réaliser cette année est d'avoir la propre maison et le sort de ma famille. Wooow ! Comme si ! Je sais, ceci est dit plus facile que fait. Mais bien, je peux toujours prendre une mesure à la fois pour réaliser ceci, droit ? Ainsi, hier, j'ai pris ma première mesure : moi et mon collègue, ont mangé Raziel, ainsi que son mari et d'autres parents, ont vérifié hors de cette subdivision dans une ville voisine les sorts vides la vente. L'endroit n'était pas trop accessible, mais avec une voiture ou une moto, je pense, ma famille peux contrôler.

Maintenant, pour l'étape 2 : vérifiez les ressources possibles pour acheter le sort. Où pourrais-je commencer ? Notre épargne n'est pas assez encore, ainsi nous devons avoir d'autres options. Prêts ? Hmmmm, a pu être. Mais l'obtention des prêts n'est pas de nos jours aussi facile que comptant 1-2-3. Comment je souhaite je peux trouver une manière de gagner l'argent ou de devenir riche en un rien de temps. Ou peut-être, obtenez argent facile sur le net.

Tout en pensant comment obtenir l'argent gratuit, j'ai trouvé cet emplacement qui permet à des utilisateurs d'Internet de gagner autour $200 à $500 avec son méthode d'amasseur d'argent. Ceci a attrapé mon intérêt, est-ce qu'ainsi j'ai lu sur et me suis renseigné sur les différentes étapes que l'utilisateur d'Internet doit intervenir pour atteindre un revenu au moins de $200 par jour veulent savoir plus ? Examinez-le dehors pour assurer vous-même.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Tribute to A Great Colleague...and Friend

Today is his Silver Birthday. So I create this post solely as a tribute to him - my great colleague and friend.

I've known him way back in 1999, when I joined our school paper, The Cassette. He was a shy boy, (Lols..boy? weee..) so I never got the chance to know him better then. But now, he's one of the few persons whom I considered as my best buddies. Through the years of working and having great friendship with him, I get to know some of the interesting things that he likes and even those which he doesn't like too much. My list could go on and on, but I just summed them up and listed here 5 things to know about this great colleague and friend of mine - Mr. Dexter Baldon. (a round of applause pls...weeee)

1. Dex loves to travel. Whether here in Bicol or out of town, Dex loves to explore many interesting and exciting places like the one he recently visited which is CWC. Want to know where he has travelled so far? Click here.

2. Dex is a wannabe photographer. Even with his "not-so-latest" model of Kodak digicam, Dex can capture really great photos, on which during first glance, you might think that a professional photographer has taken them. From simple flowers up to picturesque views of beaches and hills, he can transform them into exciting pieces of artwork...(Ooowwwss!) Here, check some of his masterpieces.

3. Dex is a frustrated architect. Well, that's according to him. I never thought that this friend of mine has great talent in sketching/drawing, until I saw this post on his blog. I was really surprised when I saw this "masterpiece' that he has created. All this time, I thought he was only into writing, photography, and a little bit of well, uhem, singing. Lols. But after seeing all his Sketchup 3D models, I was convinced that he could have been really a great architect.

4. Dex is a born singer. I'm not deceiving you guys, believe me, he is. If you were around during our 2007 Christmas Party, I'm sure you'll agree. But for those who were not, well, you can look forward to his another great singing performance this coming December. Right Dex? Wink.

5. Dex is a good cook. Wanna bet? Why don't you try tasting Carbonara ala Dex? Once you taste it, I'm sure you'll crave for more. Hahaha. Believe me because I did.

These are just some of the interesting things that I can share to you about Dex. Although I've just known him better way back in 2005, when I first applied as a copywriter, I can say that Dex is one of the few people that should really be treasured not only as a colleague but also as a friend. I've seen him happy, sad, excited, nervous, frustrated, silly, and even weird, but one thing that I can always remember about him is that - whether it's a good time or bad time, he will always be there. (Take note: He was there together with our other friends, Talie and Owen, when I was about to give birth of Baby Gaby)

So, as you celebrate your silver birthday Dex, allow me to say thank you for being such a great colleague and friend. I wish you more birthdays and success in life (not to mention savings...savings...lols) I'll always be here for you when you need me, always remember that okay? Now, enjoy your day!

Happy Birthday Glitter Graphics

Thursday, April 24, 2008

56 Words Per Minute?

When I get back to my desk after a teleconference with my boss, I noticed that almost everyone in our cubicle was busy typing. I thought, wow, is this for real? Often times, in the afternoon especially when it's near 5pm, I can hardly hear loud keyboard typing sound because everyone seems to be exhausted and is getting ready to go home, including myself. So, this afternoon was rather different, only to find out that they were typing loud because they were trying this Speedtest which was shared by Peach.

If you want to know how fast you type, well, basically this speed test can give you a clue as to how many words or characters you can type per minute. Although this is not really 100% accurate, for copywriters like me, this is a starter in terms of assessing ones typing speed.

So, okay, I tried the test, once...twice...thrice...weeee...I couldn't go as high as 70 words per minute. First try was 54 words per min. Hmmm...I wasn't satisfied. So I tried again, but perhaps since I was a little tired already from the first one, I got only 50 words per minute. :( I was frustrated so I said, I'll try again. But this time, with a little cheating thing...hahaha..(I was memorizing the words so I won't be looking at the monitor anymore..Yeah right, cheater!) But you see, it didn't help at all because I got the second word wrong in an instant. So, I restarted and concentrated instead on the last try. I got 56 words per minute.

56 words? Hmmmm..What do you think? Is it good enough considering that I've been doing this typing stuff for years now? Well, I'd admit, until now, I still don't know the correct positioning of my fingers for typing. And I'm sure there are lots out there who are in the same boat as mine. Although I am able to use my ten fingers, still this doesn't make me type real fast as compared to Peach's 94 words per minute typing speed.

How about you? Want to have an idea as to how fast you can type? Try this for yourself. Simply click on the image below and get started. Ciao!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


At last, Phoebz Place is FINALLY RENOVATED! With my new template - the 3-column DENIM, I'm now officially opening my place back to business, I mean blogging...Lolz. I don't know if you will like its new look, but I would definitely welcome feedbacks/comments/criticisms from you guys.

So, that's it! I know you're all very eager to see my new posts here. I know, I know, I neglected this place for a long time and maybe you were all thinking that I was going to abandon it. Nope, definitely not. This place has been my haven since I started a whole new life with Baby Guian. So, I will never ever dare think of leaving this place.

Again, welcome to the "newly-renovated" Phoebz Place. I hope you'll enjoy your visit here. char-char...Lolz!