Monday, June 23, 2008

Be Mesmerized by Criss Angel

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been fascinated with magic tricks. I remember years back, I was so entertained when a friend of ours showed us some of these tricks during children’s parties. He was good, but nothing compares to seeing professional and modern magical masters like CRISS ANGEL.

I’ve also seen other great magicians do unbelievable tricks like David Blaine and Harry Houdini. Yes they were great, but if you will see Criss Angel’s illusions and performances, you can say that he has indeed took magic into a higher level.

Now, where to see him? Why not catch him at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas? This new Cirque Du Soleil performance featuring Criss Angel is called CRISS ANGEL Believe. A lot of people are looking forward to this show because they really want to see him perform his never-before seen magical illusions.

If you also want to be mystified and mesmerized with Criss Angel’s performance yet you’re having a hard time getting the ticket, then join the Text Message contest now to win 2 tickets to CRISS ANGEL Believe. How to join? Text 'Believe' to 22122.

So, hurry! Grab this chance, win, and be entertained by this great illusionist. Believe me, after you’ve seen him perform, you might think that indeed he has powers. Yet, he does not have any; he's just there to left you spellbound by his performances.

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

A post with no title...

Yeah, I couldn't think of any title right now. I have lots of things in mind, yet when I start typing, I couldn't seem to let the words out. So, all I have is this for now: myspace graphic comments

To all MBS/USAP-Legazpi peeps, I miss you all guys!

Another Dneero Survey

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Tribute to Madeline

Over the years, I've seen colleagues come and go in this company. Some were expected, while a few came as a surprise. Like now, I never expected this day to be the last day here at work of one of the closest people I've known.

I know, some of you may be wondering who I'm talking about. And perhaps, you, yourself will be surprised knowing that she's indeed leaving the company. But let me tell you this, she may be leaving the company after almost 4 years of being here, but the memories she shared with me, with us, will always be treasured.

Okay, so how do I want to remember this colleague and friend? To begin with the not-so-important, well, she's often the co-organizer of the Office Paluwagan. Ever since the First Proposed Paluwagan in 2006, she was already active in recruiting other PMs or what we called as Paluwagan Members. Now, what's the privilege that the co-organizer enjoys? Well, she often got the PM1, PM2, or PM3 slot, meaning she's the first, second, or third to claim the accumulated fund. So now that she's not with us here anymore, I'll sure remember her if ever there will be a Paluwagan again. Thus, beginning today, the position for Paluwagan's co-organizer is officially open. LoLs.

Now, let me go to the more serious and important side. Do you know that every time I have a problem about family, lovelife, money, and even with my own personality, it's this colleague and friend that I often first shared it to? Okay, don't cry now Bhem. I really feel sad that she has to go, really I do. I was so silent while we were eating at the pantry because I was trying to hide this sad feeling of being away to yet another closest part of my life. Darn, stop crying now Bhem. (pause)

Whenever I'm down and whenever I feel like crying, she's always there to listen, to emphatize, and to say soothing words to calm me down. I remember those days when we were still seatmates, she never gets tired of listening to my day-to-day whining about my problems. And now even if we're in separate cubicles, nothing stopped me from going to her work station and tell her about my frustrating and not-so-frustrating stories.

I guess, a lot of you have witnessed our conversations at the pantry, eating breakfast and late lunch together, while talking about the problems I or she had recently. This is one thing I'm sure I'm going to miss about her. Though I'll be able to communicate with her through text or ym when she happens to be online to share to her my happy and sad moments, still it won't be the same without her here.

There's still a lot of stories about me and her that I can share to everyone here. Beginning from the seatmate days up to the separate-cubicle days, we sure did have a lot of conversations and memories that are worth remembering from time to time.

But above all these days, how can I forget the time when she was one of the few people who stick with me during that most difficult phase of my life - when I got pregnant with Baby Gaby. Yes, she stood by me. And yes, she was there to support me, to give me encouraging words to move on even if I was abandoned during that difficult time. It was a long and stressful journey, but I manage to survive because I had few true friends who helped me through and she's definitely one of them.

It really feels sad to see her go, but then again, reality check, people come and go for a reason. So, as she leaves today, allow me to tell everyone here, that I feel lucky and proud to be one of her friends. I also want her to know that I'll always treasure her friendship and thank her for all the things that she has done for me. But as she goes, I don't want to say goodbye to her, perhaps it would be better to say, "'til we meet again!"

"Good luck to you, Madeline (a.k.a. Jirl..Lols..) I'll miss you! Hey, don't be absent on Gaby's 1st birthday on November and christening on January '09. Make sure to be there!"

(Jirl's Birthday Celebration last May 2006)

Friday, June 13, 2008

On Exploring New Things

My husband and I were teasing each other in voice chat last night. He said that when he comes home in January, he's going to give Baby Gaby a baby brother. Silly him! I just laughed and told him that it will only happen if and only if he will be the one to conceive. But of course, I was only joking on that.

Anyway, he said that when we're together, he'll do everything to make me happy. Hmmm. I teased him, and asked, as in everything? He said yes, and he asked me if I'll be open to the idea of him using vigrx plus or extenze. I was a little puzzled because I don't have a slight idea as to what those words mean. And so he shared to me this site dedicated to male readers. It's actually a great site for men who want to explore and try new things like using vigrx plus and extenze. Vigrx plus is regarded as the penis enhancement pills' gold standard while extenze is a known maximum strength male enhancement pill. To know which product is more effective to others, reviews like extenze review and enzyte review are included in the site.

Now, going back to what my husband told me, hmmmm I haven't really given the idea much thought. All I can say is that, whatever he wants to try, I'll just support him all the way.

Just Another Survey

Lesson Learned

It's now 5:10pm here yet it seems our salary won't be credited to our accounts anytime soon. SALARY WHERE ARE YOU??? I'm so pissed off because I'm really flat broke. I have mentioned before that I transferred to a new place, right? And so, that's where most of my money went, on the side were the not-so-important-at-the-moment things that me and my mom-in-law bought 2 Sundays ago, school stuff that I bought for my sister-in-law which exceeded my budget, and the celebration I prepared for Baby Gaby on her 7th month birthday. Waaaa!!! I'm doomed, as in I've never felt so broke in my entire career. Weee!!!

I really hate it that I've already consumed all the contingency plans that I made. Plan A - got the extra money that I lend to my officemate, Plan B - used my credit card for the school stuff that exceeded my budget, and Plan C - borrowed money from my all-time lender ever merciful colleague and friend Olops. I thought, I'll manage to survive until today, and even assuring my mother-in-law before I left the house this morning that I will be home a little late because I'll buy groceries (yes, my refrigerator is empty, as in NADA! WHAMS LAOG!). But look what happened now, NO SALARY UP TO THIS MOMENT, as in 0 balance. And when I try to borrow money, some people don't want to believe me that I'm broke. Huhuhu!!! Poor me.

I was thinking, just because my husband is an OFW, does it mean that I have money always? This is one wrong belief. But I couldn't blame those who are thinking that way. That's why I always tell my husband to learn how to say no sometimes when some people ask him a favor or try to borrow money. I also tell him that since some people think that we always have money, when times that we need cash badly, they will never go out of their way to lend us with the amount that we need. And so, the end result - POOR US!

This is the first time that I went through so much stress because of lack of money. I know, some people will think that why in the world would I allow myself to worry if I can easily withdraw the funds that I have in our passbook account. Okay let me explain, you see I decided to open a passbook account instead of an atm account so I won't be tempted to withdraw from time to time. What's the logic here? If I keep on withdrawing the money and promise to deposit it back, well, I don't trust myself 100% that I'll be able to return it. So, what I do is that, I borrow money from those who have extra amount so I'll be compelled to pay it once I have money already.

Aaarrggghhh!!! I really hate this! I don't want to go to my last resort - and that is to withdraw! But at the back of my mind, I can hear a voice saying - WITHDRAW! WITHDRAW! WITHDRAW!!!

BUT NO! I WON'T! I'll stay firm. I can wait! Promise. I can formulate a Plan D tonight. HOPEFULLY! Now, this is really one big LESSON LEARNED!!!

Update: According to hearsay, salary might be credited to our account by Monday, June 16th. Waaaahhh!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Father's Day is Just Around the Corner

Just to remind everyone reading this blog, Father's Day is on Sunday, June 15th. As of now, I don't have any letter or gift yet for Papa Ghie. As compared to last year, as early as two weeks before Father's day, I've already sent him a card and a letter to thank him for giving me Baby Gaby. Now, I don't have anything in mind. Perhaps, on the day itself, I can come up with a nice gift idea for him.

To all the fathers out there, Advance Happy Father's Day! And to all the children, hope you'll remember your dad on this special day. (Hmmm...You'd better say that to yourself Phoebe. Huh?)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Time for More Surveys

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Confusing Time

Almost two weeks ago, I saw a photo of my husband together with a girl seated at the center and another guy beside her. The photo would have not disturbed me if the girl seated beside him was not the girl that he used to court when I was pregnant. Although there was another guy on the picture, still I couldn't help but feel a twinge in my heart, because they were seated so close to each other, not to mention it was the girl's birthday celebration. I did not remember him telling me that he attended that girl's birthday party, that's why it really hurt me BIG TIME!

I don't want to think that my husband is cheating on me, but then again, hiding that photo and the information that he came to that girl's party leaves me wondering up to this moment why he didn't tell me about it. Even if he assured me that the girl on the photo is just a friend now, I’m still not at peace considering the fact that the girl is closer to him, unlike me and his baby who are just contented talking to him online and seeing him on webcam. If only I could ask a relationship expert on how to understand men, I’m sure it won’t be too hard for me to keep that trust, which is actually very important for our long distance relationship.

Talking to a relationship expert is a good step for me to reassess things between me and my husband. We have been apart for almost two years now, and believe me being in a long distance relationship is like going for a roller coaster ride. And in confusing times like this, the founder of could be of big help. She’s a relationship expert and a dating expert in one. So, if you also have questions about online dating and relationship, feel free to visit her site because I just did.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Survey Time

A Chance to Win

While blog hopping this afternoon, this blogging contest from Everyday Finance grabbed my attention. In celebration to its 250th post, Everyday Finance is giving away a total of $250. Congratulations to you, Everyday Finance!!!(clapping)

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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Problem Solved

My baby and I just moved in to our new place 2 days ago and I really felt glad that we already did. Why? Because the new place is way too bigger and more comfortable for me and my baby. But then, I would admit that the one month deposit and one month advance that I paid to my landlord left me broke, as in fat broke. Now, I’m thinking as to where I could get the cash that I need until the next payday arrives.

For some people, cash loans online are the best solutions for problems like the one I have right now. I don’t know if it’s also the right one for me so I did a little research about it. I found this great online payday loan site and read very useful information on faxless payday loans. Their site includes How It Works and FAQs pages so it was easier for me to understand how to obtain a payday loan.

If you’re having a problem regarding securing immediate cash, why don’t you check this site? It does give me the information that I need, and I’m sure when I decide to apply for one, signing up will be as easy as counting 1-2-3.