Thursday, May 01, 2008

Worry No More

I woke up this morning feeling a little restless. I don't know why, maybe because of some things that are bothering me now. I tried to get them out of my mind but no luck. Even when I was on my way to the office, my mind seemed to travel as well, to the future - to what it has enstored for me and for my baby.

I know, it's not good for me to be worrying about the future too much. For years now, I have already proven to myself and to everyone that I am one strong person who can stand every difficult test that comes my way. But you see, no matter how strong I am, there are still moments of weakness, on which during these times I needed friends to talk to the most.

However, my friends are also busy minding their own lives and hardly find time to talk, much more to go out and spend a little time together. I could not blame them though, so the least that I can do is to get myself busy to keep my worries away. Plus, what's the use of my Internet connection at home if I don't take advantage of it. I can always meet new friends or even chat with old friends by simply joining online communities like 3gb.

3GB Community is a site which allows online users like me to meet new and old friends, join groups, chat with other members, and share blogs on topics of all sorts. I found this site very interactive and user-friendly. Imagine chatting, uploading photo albums, and hearing last mp3 hits in a single community, so no need to go to one site for chatting alone, or to another just to upload pictures. And since this is online, I can connect with friends from other places. I always love to meet new people from other countries, so joining this site is really fun.

It really feels good to set aside worries about the future by keeping myself occupied with other things like meeting other people. Now, with 3gb Community, even with my friends away, I can always get connected.