Thursday, October 08, 2009

I Wonder

Even if it's just a week since I gave birth, I couldn't help but open my laptop and do the usual stuff that I do - check emails, see my Facebook and Friendster accounts, be online in Yahoo Messenger and Skype 24/7, and of course, simply surf the Internet to search for friends and former classmates. I know it's not good for me to be back online this early, but believe me, I just couldn't help it - I breath the Internet and without it, I'd be dead in a minute. Just kidding.

But anyway, now that I'm back online, I wonder if there are people out there searching for me via the net. I know there are some, a few could be relatives from other places, one or two could be my ex, or perhaps a number could be my friends outside work or former colleagues and classmates. In Friendster, I can easily tell who's viewed me. But other than that, I have no clue. Good thing, there's MyLife, a site that allows people to know who are searching for them and find everyone they know. It's connected with popular sources like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and LinkedIn. So, if I want to know who's trying to look for me via the Net and find some long-lost friends, there's MyLife to the rescue.