Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Me in the Online World

Looking back at Dex's posts a while ago, I happened to see this one which was written last January 17. I have read this before, but I completely forgot continuing the meme because I was too occupied with work stuff.

But anyway, now that I found the time, guess it's time to let this meme live on.

How long have you been blogging?

If I remember it right, I started blogging last 2005. It was on my friendster blog. Actually, I've heard the word blog even before 2005, but I was never aware back then what a blog is. So, when I've learned that a blog is just like a diary or journal, it immediately caught my attention, then the rest was history.

So, to count the years I've been blogging, guess it's almost 3 years now.

What inspired you to start a blog and who are your mentors?

Way back in 2005, nothing really inspired me to start blogging and I have no mentor either. When I made my first post, it was just some sort of an emotional release. I was feeling restless during that time, and after writing it down, I felt somewhat relieved. So, since then, blogging became my own way of relieving stress and expressing some thoughts and feelings which I found difficult sharing to anyone in person.

But as of now, there are lots of things that inspire me to blog. One of which is my Baby Gaby. Ever since I found out that she was inside me, I was so enthusiastic to broadcast it to the world. So, if you will see my posts here way back in 2007, you will notice that most of it pertains to baby and pregnancy. But now, I made a separate family blog for us - Baby Gab, her dad, and me. It's entitled "The Baby in Between".

Are you trying to make money online, or just doing it for fun?
Yup, I do try to blog for money, but that doesn't mean that I don't do it for fun anymore. In every post that I make, I always see to it that I inject my personal thoughts on it, thus I enjoy writing it because I can still relate to the topics that I discuss.
But you see, before, it never really occurred to me that I can earn through this hobby or past time. So, when my colleauges shared to me how rewarding blogging can be financially, I told myself, "why not give it a try". Considering the additional expenses that I have to make now for my baby, blogging for money is certainly a big help for a mom like me.

Tell me three things you love about being online.
Well, to start with, of course I love being online because it enables me to communicate with Gaby's dad more often. Email and chat services make it possible and easy for me to show Gaby's dad of her developments (from infant to toddler) and of course, to relay to him about her needs.
Another thing is that, being online allows me to communicate or interact with other people from difference places. (Ssshhh. I'm not into chatting anymore...I'm talking about my friends and schoolmates way back who are now abroad..wink!)
And lastly, I love being online because it provides me a lot of information. From pregnancy topics to babies upto relationships, travel, and technology, the Internet has it all.

Tell me three things you struggle within the online world.
For one, I struggle learning everything that can be learned online (web design, downloading softwares, etc. etc.) I'm used to attending real classes so I really find it hard to learn these stuff online.
Next, I find it difficult to update all the blogs that I created. You see, even this blog is sometimes neglected when work is really hectic.
And third, it is a struggle for me to balance my time between blogging and chatting to my baby's dad (who happens to be in Korea now). I certainly hope I'll be able to manage this really sooner.
So, folks that's the last one. Time to tag other people now so this continues...Good luck Jirl, Nays, Mina, and Twinkle.