Thursday, April 24, 2008

56 Words Per Minute?

When I get back to my desk after a teleconference with my boss, I noticed that almost everyone in our cubicle was busy typing. I thought, wow, is this for real? Often times, in the afternoon especially when it's near 5pm, I can hardly hear loud keyboard typing sound because everyone seems to be exhausted and is getting ready to go home, including myself. So, this afternoon was rather different, only to find out that they were typing loud because they were trying this Speedtest which was shared by Peach.

If you want to know how fast you type, well, basically this speed test can give you a clue as to how many words or characters you can type per minute. Although this is not really 100% accurate, for copywriters like me, this is a starter in terms of assessing ones typing speed.

So, okay, I tried the test, once...twice...thrice...weeee...I couldn't go as high as 70 words per minute. First try was 54 words per min. Hmmm...I wasn't satisfied. So I tried again, but perhaps since I was a little tired already from the first one, I got only 50 words per minute. :( I was frustrated so I said, I'll try again. But this time, with a little cheating thing...hahaha..(I was memorizing the words so I won't be looking at the monitor anymore..Yeah right, cheater!) But you see, it didn't help at all because I got the second word wrong in an instant. So, I restarted and concentrated instead on the last try. I got 56 words per minute.

56 words? Hmmmm..What do you think? Is it good enough considering that I've been doing this typing stuff for years now? Well, I'd admit, until now, I still don't know the correct positioning of my fingers for typing. And I'm sure there are lots out there who are in the same boat as mine. Although I am able to use my ten fingers, still this doesn't make me type real fast as compared to Peach's 94 words per minute typing speed.

How about you? Want to have an idea as to how fast you can type? Try this for yourself. Simply click on the image below and get started. Ciao!


mayabird said...

hi phoebz...i tried the typing test too. ang range ko is 66 - 70 wpm. eheheh. i linked you up in my blog.