Tuesday, April 15, 2008


At last, Phoebz Place is FINALLY RENOVATED! With my new template - the 3-column DENIM, I'm now officially opening my place back to business, I mean blogging...Lolz. I don't know if you will like its new look, but I would definitely welcome feedbacks/comments/criticisms from you guys.

So, that's it! I know you're all very eager to see my new posts here. I know, I know, I neglected this place for a long time and maybe you were all thinking that I was going to abandon it. Nope, definitely not. This place has been my haven since I started a whole new life with Baby Guian. So, I will never ever dare think of leaving this place.

Again, welcome to the "newly-renovated" Phoebz Place. I hope you'll enjoy your visit here. char-char...Lolz!


Nadine said...

I like the new layout!

Neil said...

I thought you stopped blogging already. ;)

Nice new layout. Linked with your other blog, too.