Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Preggy Again!!!

Whew, it's been a month since I last made an update on this blog. But anyway, I'm here again, making this quick post to update you guys of what's happening to Phoebz. Well, aside from the fact that I'm still a full-time working mom, now I'm excited to announce that I have another baby on the way.

Yes, I'm preggy again! I'm now at 12 weeks, almost over with my first trimester. However, I'm still feeling the same symptoms like on the 1st trimester - vommitting, nausea, morning sickness, moodiness, etc. I thought, once I entered my 2nd trimester, my pregnancy will be a little bit more fun. But, I was wrong.

Anyway, in spite of these really uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms, I'm so glad that my husband is more supportive now than when I was conceiving Baby Guian. If you will look back at my posts here way back 2007, I had a really depressing pregnancy with her because her dad was somewhat "confused" during that time. But now, he's really changed, and hopefully, he'll continue to be the supportive and loving husband that he is.

So that's it for now. Journey with me as I continue to update you on this pregnancy.