Monday, May 18, 2009

Placenta Previa Totalis

Last April, I underwent an ultrasound. I made a post about it in my family blog, The Baby in Between. The result showed that I was experiencing a serious pregnancy complication called Placenta Previa Totalis. Some of you may be familiar with this condition. But for those who are not, you can hop on to my Placenta Previa post to learn more about it.

At first, I was so scared. But after reading various forums where moms, who also experienced the same complication, shared their PP stories, I felt a little relieved. Most of them were able to give birth normally because their placenta migrated after a couple of weeks or months, totally clearing the cervix to give way for the baby. So after reading, I'm more than hopeful that my placenta will also migrate since my uterus will still grow bigger as weeks pass.

I'm now on my 18th week of my pregnancy. Ten weeks more and I'm off to another ultrasound. Keeping my fingers crossed that my placenta already moved out of the baby's way. And I'm praying hard as well that me and my baby will continue to be safe all throughout this pregnancy.


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