Friday, September 21, 2007

Toss and Turn

Toss and turn...That's what I did for almost 4 hours last night. I couldn't seem to get any sleeping position right. When I'm lying on my back, Guian would do these summersaults and kicks, so I would turn to the right side. But then, after a couple of minutes or so, I could again feel him banging at the right side of my tummy. I would, then, toss at the left side. But just the same, the movements won't seem to stop. the end result - am so sleepy right now and my head feels like spinning.

Baby Guian is now at 34 weeks. At least 2 weeks more, he will be in his full-term and can come out any minute. but i want him to stay inside for at least 4 more weeks. at 38 weeks, it will be the best time for me to give birth to this most-awaited angel. haven't you seen how excited i am for this baby? i think, the moment i started this blogsite, all I could think of and talk about is Guian...if I have tags here, perhaps when I search the keyword Guian, this site will rank first.

this is really a groggy day, even while writing this blog i could feel my eyes closing. does anybody here have a toothpick pls? all i could think of now is my bed, pillows, and a good day sleep. see, it's almost 11am but i haven't done anything really productive. i just spent the last two hours giving instructions about the new projects and looking at this MS word document where my keywords are waiting.

maybe an hour of sleep will make me feel better during lunch break. i really can't concentrate with my eyes feeling like this and my mind wishing that it would be 5:00pm already so i can go home and get a good night rest. But do you think i could even get one tonight? i terribly hope so...