Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Today is DAY 222 of my pregnancy. According to my pregnancy calendar, I could be anxious and restless about labor beginning today. Indeed, what it said was right. I'm really getting more restless, just thinking that 7weeks from now, I could be delivering my baby. Actually, it's still 58 days more to go before my due date. But since I'm taking so much stress from doing my obligations here in the office, including the freelance writing work that I have to do when I get home, this baby could come out earlier than expected. I'm even planning to file my maternity leave starting from 3rd week of October, so my last working day would be October 20th. But before that date comes, I'm stuck with all these articles consolidation, reports preparation, looking after my subordinates, and leaving instructions to my colleague who will take over as the group supervisor while I'm on leave.

How I wish I could just sleep the whole month of September and then somebody just wakes me up when it ends...(Whew, dream on again Phoebe!) Before I go on vacation, (duh, i don't think I can even consider it as a vacation..with a newborn baby beside me, am sure it will not be all joys but more of bigger responsibilities as a Mommy) I definitely need to accomplish all my tasks and make sure that I delegate my supervisory responsibilities well. Even if there are mornings that I'd rather stay in bed than get up when my cellphone alarms at 6:10am, I just push myself to go to work and tell myself that everything will soon be over...

Am sure the whole month of September will pass like a blink of an eye. But for an expecting Mom like me, this will still be a long wait. So, I have no choice for now but to do my job, keep myself busy at home, and enjoy the remaining weeks that I live alone, and no baby to bug me at night for breastfeeding.