Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Looking Back

i was inspired by the the blogpost of my friend chie, so i made this one - especially dedicated to all the loving and great moms out there!

looking back at my pre-school days, i wanted to be a singer like Whitney Houston...i remembered those times when i would lip synch her songs while my playmates act as audience and put garlands around my neck (like in That's Entertainment)...I have always loved singing but I was not as gifted as Whitney to make it as a career. so, i did not become a singer, but i do know how to sing lullabyes - enough to put my Baby Guian to sleep once he comes out

looking back at my elementary days, i wanted to become a teacher like my 1st grade teacher. i loved to act like one, scribbling some words on the blackboard while my playmates act as my students. i also enjoyed checking their test papers, 'coz for once it was not me who did not undergo the testing..I have always loved teaching but I was not as dedicated as my 1st grade teacher. so, i did not become a teacher, but I do know how to teach my Baby Guian the letters from A-Z, numbers from 1-10, and the important lessons that he has to learn in life

looking back at my high school days, i wanted to become a lawyer like the ever-famous Atty. Katrina Legarda. I wanted to defend the poor and the oppressed so that they will find justice. I would even stand in front of the mirror and utter the usual line that lawyers say in court, "Objection your honor!" I have always loved the thought of being a lawyer and stand firm to what I believe is right, but I was not as witty and patient to pursue law like Atty, i did not become a lawyer, but I do know how to defend my Baby Guian in case somebody bullies him or mocks him just because he does not come from a complete family

looking back at my first year in college, i wanted to become an engineer like my mom. I chose chemical engineering for my course because chemistry has always been one of my favorite subjects. i enjoyed mixing chemicals during our laboratory class, and imagined myself that i was able to come up with something, medicine of some sort, which is worth introducing to the world. i dreamt to be called Engr. Phoebe Oxales but i was not as determined as my mom to finish the course. so, i did not become a chemical engineer, but I do know how to mix water with milk to bottlefeed Baby Guian

looking back at my second year in college, i wanted to become a military officer like my brother. I felt envious when i saw him wearing that military uniform, looking snappy, and being respected by many. i wanted to be a fighter for the good of the country, so I tried, took the entrance test, passed, took the physical and medical exam, failed - and that was the end of it all. so, i did not become a military officer, but I do know how to be a fighter for my Baby Guian - from the first time that i've learned that i have him until the day i die, i'll never allow anyone to hurt him in any way

looking back at my last years in college, i wanted to become an accountant like my accounting professor. i loved numbers and i enjoyed making computations especially when it comes to money matters. i even got very good grades in my accounting subjects in college. i really wanted to have my own accounting firm, but i was not given a chance like my accounting professor. so, i did not become an accountant, but I do know how to compute my earnings and expenses - and save a few for my Baby Guian's future

and looking back a year ago, i wanted to become an OFW in Canada so I can continue my dream of migrating. I tried to ask help from a good friend, but i did not like the condition he was asking in return. i, then, decided to do it my way - yet no opportunity. perhaps, last year was not the right time - and neither today. so, i was not able to travel and be in Canada, but I do know that something more beautiful is about to come my way - and that is my Baby Guian. even if i'm not an OFW now, I know he will be proud to have me as his mom because i really work hard just to provide him with his needs

looking back at the 26 years of my life, i will never regret that I did not become the person that I wanted to be. but I know, in my own way, I am a singer, a teacher, a lawyer, an engineer, a military officer, an accountant, and an OFW in one. i may not have the title and career that I've wanted but i'll always be proud that I have the most wonderful career and title in the world and that is to be - A CERTIFIED MOM!

i dedicate this blog to all moms out there, especially single moms like me. hope this inspire you. i know some of you are also thinking what your life could have been if you choose not to get pregnant and pursue your dream. let this help you in finding the answer. i may not have the career that i wanted, but i'll always believe that God's plans for me are better than mine...i know the best is yet to come..what's more important is that i kept my baby and never thought of abortion just to pursue my dream...i can still achieve my dreams, at the right time, at the right place, and with my baby beside me who will always serve as my inspiration and be the source of my strength...


cEciLLe said...

hey gurl, you forgot one thing: a certified copyrwiter. :)
thanks, i guess you are the only one who appreciates what i write, except for the guys who compliment me everyday simply because they want to get laid.
dedicated to all the single moms.. i actually think the word "single mom" has a nice ring to it.. sounds cool and brave at the same time. cheers to both us, and all single moms out there!