Monday, October 29, 2007


I had my prenatal checkup again today. Am now at 39 weeks, and getting more worried as my due date comes closer. But i'm not worried at all about going into labor, what i'm more worried about now is the fact that the baby's head suddenly doesn't want to engage. three weeks ago, my OB told me that my baby's head has already engaged and that my exterior os is already opened. so, i was expecting that this baby will come out earlier than my EDD. but now, i don't know why Baby Guian has suddenly decided not to come out yet. when my OB did an internal exam awhile ago, she said that my interior os is still closed and that my baby's head is still far. she then told me to undergo another pelvic ultrasound to check the baby's position and condition, and see if there's a possibility that i might have a cesarean section.

CS DELIVERY??? NO WAY!!! i've heard lots of stories from women who gave birth via c-section and most of them were not wonderful experiences at all. from the expenses up to recovery, normal delivery is far more advantageous than c-section. i did a little research about the disadvantages of this kind of birthing process, and here is the information i found:

Disadvantages — Because cesarean delivery involves major surgery and anesthesia, there are some disadvantages compared to vaginal delivery.
  • Cesarean delivery is associated with a higher rate of injury to abdominal organs (bladder, bowel, blood vessels), infections (wound, uterus, urinary tract), and thromboembolic (blood clotting) complications than vaginal delivery.

  • Cesarean surgery can interfere with mother-infant interaction in the delivery room.

  • Recovery takes longer than with vaginal delivery.

  • Cesarean delivery is associated with a higher risk of abnormal attachment of the placenta in subsequent pregnancies, which can lead to serious complications.

  • Incising the uterus to deliver the baby weakens the uterus, increasing the risk of uterine rupture in future pregnancy. This risk is small and depends upon the type of uterine incision.

Knowing all these, not to mention the high cost for cesarean delivery these days, all the more worries me, thus, im praying doubly hard that i will go into labor soon and that my baby's head will already engage in my pelvis.