Friday, October 05, 2007

Good Job, GUIAN!

I'm so proud of my baby, he did a very good job these past two weeks - and that is holding on to Mommy's tummy until he reached 36 weeks. Yup, he is now at 36 weeks. Although he still needs to be inside me for at least a week to be considered full-term, still I'm glad that he has come this far in spite of the things that we have been through together all throughout this pregnancy.

Last September 22, I went through a premature labor, on which my cervix already dilated to 1cm. I was too worried because Guian then was still at 34 weeks, premature at that. When my OB told me to file a leave in the office and have a complete bed rest, I immediately obliged because I don't want to put my baby's health at risk. So now, 2 weeks have passed, with me back to work, Guian is still inside - thanks to my OB's advice and prescription. But of course, thanks Guian for being such a good baby to Mommy (I talked to him not to come out early and he obeyed Mommy)...

Anytime from this day on, Guian can come out from this bulging tummy. I can hardly wait..I'm so excited but scared at the same time..Just the thought of labor gives me the creeps. (Hmmm..what if I started feeling the labor pain here inside the office?) I certainly hope I won't, but not at the middle of the night as well.

Everything is set for his grand debut - his things, my things, and of course the camera for documentation. I can't wait to see this little he looks? what features he got from me or from his papa? how loud his cry will be?

Of course, it would have been better if his papa is here to witness his grand entrance into this world. but well, life deprives my baby of this, so Mommy will just do all the welcoming, together with Mommy's family, friends, and officemates. I'm just not sure if any of his papa's relatives will come and see him for the first time.

"Oh Guian, my journey of carrying you for 9 months will soon be over. although you have made me went through a lot of problems and difficulties, I will never ever regret the day that I found out you're inside me. you brought a different light and meaning into my life. "


cEciLLe said...

yahoo! ethan's playmate is coming!

im so excited to meet you, guian!