Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Green Web Hosting for Phoebz Place

I've already secured a web hosting service for my domain name Now, I'm thinking about getting another domain name and choosing a web hosting service provider for this blog, Phoebz Place. I've started this personal blog almost 3 years ago, created a couple of posts, and earned a little out of it. This year, I'm planning to give it a makeover, starting of course with a new domain name and web hosting.

With the domain name, I've already decided to get one from where I also acquired But for web hosting, I'm still unsure what provider to choose. I'm thinking about going green this time - something which is more eco-friendly, a green web hosting perhaps. I want to contribute in my own way in saving the earth. So since a green host uses eco-friendly sources such as recycled wastes and plant trees to power its datacenter, it would be the best option for me.

To begin my search, I visited Web Hosting Geeks. And guess what I found? Really helpful green web hosting reviews, on which providers are also ranked according to their features and bonus features. A great site about web hosting, indeed! Finding the best green web hosting provider for Phoebz Place has been a breeze for a not-so-techie blogger like me.