Sunday, May 24, 2009

Scrubs - What is it?

When I gave birth to Baby Guian last 2007, the nurse who assisted me was very kind and friendly. She was also very patient in answering my questions with regards to postpartum concerns. I knew it was part of her job as a nurse. But after I read these inspiring nurses’ stories from Scrubs, a nursing clinical site, I realized that the nursing profession is far more than just caring, assisting, and answering patients’ questions all throughout their stay in the hospital.

Scrubs is a site dedicated to nurses all over the globe. It aims to inspire nurses and non-nurses alike through their articles, which are written by nurses themselves.

Recently, Scrubs launched this nursing poll with the question, “What is your favorite fictional portrayal of a nurse?” I participated and answered Carol Hathaway of ER. She’s really very effective in that role, and so I must say she’s my best choice. Well, no doubt, she has the highest vote as of today with 31%.

Aside from the nursing poll, Scrubs also has this Tip Jar page. It’s like a Q&A page, which is very helpful not only to nurses but also to non-nurses like myself. I’ve read through some questions and picked one that really caught my interest. It’s about How to Deal with a Patient Who Has Postpartum Depression. I’m currently pregnant, so the information I got from that tip would be really be of help. Thanks Scrubs!

Scrubs is really a great site to read. And now more than ever, I admire the nurses more, and so I’m looking forward to meeting the nurse who will assist me on my delivery this coming October.