Monday, December 03, 2007

Back to Basics: Babysitting 101

After giving birth to Baby Gaby, I thought things would be a little easier for me. But I was wrong, I never expected it to be this hard, especially when Gaby's babysitter left last Friday without any advance notice. I immediately looked for replacement. and got one whom I expected to arrive today. But i got disappointed when I was told that her husband did not allow her to work for me. I just said, "what the h*ck?" So, this means that I'm doomed, and definitely this leaves me no choice but to take full responsibility of babysitting little Gaby.

Ever since Gaby arrived a month ago, I never had 8 hours or even 6 hours straight of sleep. So, now that I'm all alone in taking care of her, I won't expect to get even 4 hours straight of sleep in the coming days. I AM BACK TO BASICS!!!

Being a mother is not at all easy considering the babysitting task that one has to do in order to care for her baby. So, as a new mom to my cute girl named Gaby, I'll have to deal with this task in the coming days. Hmmm...actually, this is not new to me. But since I was more focused in working as a writer and a supervisor in the past years, I guess doing this will be a little hard since I'm all alone in my place, without a husband, a mom, a sister, a brother, a cousin, or an aunt to assist me with this day-to-day task.

I already started babysitting alone since Saturday. And to tell you what, it was really difficult. From preparing her milk, bathing her, and putting her to sleep up to washing her cloth diapers and ironing them after they dried, I had to manage my time well in order to do everything that has to be done. But the more difficult part of this is that, since I'm alone, I had to make the most out of the time when Gaby is sleeping to do some things for myself. I should take advantage of this time doing other things like preparing my food, washing the dishes, taking a bath, washing my clothes, cleaning the house, taking a nap, and of course, taking a break by going online to check my emails and chat with some friends for a couple of minutes.

My day starts and ends doing those things I mentioned above. Sometimes I hardly notice the time, which is really good so there won't be any time for me to entertain depressing thoughts. Gaby really brought major changes in my life this year. Sometimes I would ask myself, "Are you beginning to regret the consequences of your actions now, Phoebe?" Of course, my answer is no. Just look at how pretty my baby is and even you can tell that all these sacrifices are worth it. And besides, I don't think I will be babysitting forever. This will just be for now, so I need to have patience..patience..and more patience.