Friday, December 28, 2007

Single Mom: Now Blogging for a Living

Yes, I'm finally back on blogging!

I have lots of things to write about because it's been a while since I last made a post here. But before I update you about the recent happenings in my life, especially about my Baby Gaby, let me first share to you one good news that I received this morning when I opened my email.

Smorty, an online service that connects advertisers with bloggers, just approved my blog! That is right! My blog, the place which I call my own, is finally on its way to help me achieve a more rewarding purpose - to get paid for blogging. By simply writing my opinion about products, services, and various websites on my blog, I can already earn something out of this passion. This is definitely a good news, don't you agree? With a 1-month old baby with me now, my expenses will soar in the coming days, so this will sure be of big help.

How did I learn about this? My colleauges Nays, Precy, and Mina had mentioned to me that they were earning through blog advertising. Actually, this was not new to me because if I remember it right, last July I was also considering signing up for sites which allow bloggers to get paid for blogging. But being busy as I was, not to mention that I was pregnant during that month, I set aside the thought and settled for blogging just for the sake of releasing emotional stress and sharing to others about my pregnancy.

Now that I have already given birth and recovered, I'm finally back! But this time I'm back for more, and that is to get paid to blog.

Who says I could not release my stress and earn at the same time through my blogs? At least now, I'm in for something which I can really look forward to - blog for money.

So, if you also have that passion for writing and want to earn, advertise on blogs now!

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