Saturday, December 29, 2007

My Mind Is Drifting in Italy

I had a good time last night with my bestfriends Krisma and Ate Rhey. We spent our time gossiping and laughing the night out over beer and cigar (Esse courtesy of Krisma from South Korea). We went home at around 3am, so now I have a hangover, on which I looked as if my energy was totally zapped out. My body is here inside the office, but my mind seems to be somewhere else - in a place where I could totally relax and have fun like Italy.

Venice, Naples, and Florence are just some of the great cities that I want to visit in Italy, that is if I already have the fund to do so. The said cities are popular travel destinations and each has something to offer to both locals and tourists like me.

Venice, for one, is a favorite destination for lovers who are looking for a romantic getaway. Naples, on the other hand, is a home to many historical places and is considered the major cultural center in Italy. Visiting this place will sure be a very educational experience. And if you want to see more of Italy, Florence is another place to be. This boasts a lot of tourist attractions including well-known museums.

But whether it is Venice, Naples, and Florence that I will be given a chance to visit, I should see to it that everything will be planned accordingly in order to make the experience truly memorable. And one important thing that I should carefully consider is the hotel reservation.

Good thing, the Internet has now provided a simpler and easier way to check on hotel reservations in Italy. By simply going online, I can already find helpful information on Hotel Naples, Hotel Venice, and Hotel Florence. This online service will sure help tourists like me to book reservations easier and faster.

So, there's nothing for me to worry when the time comes that I would be able to make that real trip to Italy. But for now, I'd just let my mind drift to this exciting place.