Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Dream Travel to France

My pregnancy has been a long and tiring journey. A few moms may not agree with me, especially those who were supported by their partners and families all throughout, but for me, it was. The whole nine months of carrying my Baby Gaby, with me alone on my place, was indeed a struggle. So before my due date, I already set plans of taking a nice break after I gave birth - and there is no better way to do it than to travel.

But where? I have no specific place in mind until I saw this documentary featured in one of the local TV networks. It highlighted the beauty of France, especially Paris.

France is well known for its cuisine, wine, language, and of course its culture. It offers a lot of exciting destinations, whether you want to experience the metropolitan way of life or be closer with nature at the countryside. It is also a nice place to study because it is a home to more than 250 universities, including specialized schools and American universities.

But the reasons why one should travel to France do not end there. There are still a lot more. So, to convince myself further, I searched for more information about France. And voila, I found this site that could give me the information that I need! From destinations and cuisines to current events and language, this site is of big help for would-be travelers like me.

France is indeed a nice place to travel and to explore. I just hope my dream travel to France could become a reality one day. But for now, I'd settle on learning more about this place to unravel more of France secrets.