Friday, June 13, 2008

On Exploring New Things

My husband and I were teasing each other in voice chat last night. He said that when he comes home in January, he's going to give Baby Gaby a baby brother. Silly him! I just laughed and told him that it will only happen if and only if he will be the one to conceive. But of course, I was only joking on that.

Anyway, he said that when we're together, he'll do everything to make me happy. Hmmm. I teased him, and asked, as in everything? He said yes, and he asked me if I'll be open to the idea of him using vigrx plus or extenze. I was a little puzzled because I don't have a slight idea as to what those words mean. And so he shared to me this site dedicated to male readers. It's actually a great site for men who want to explore and try new things like using vigrx plus and extenze. Vigrx plus is regarded as the penis enhancement pills' gold standard while extenze is a known maximum strength male enhancement pill. To know which product is more effective to others, reviews like extenze review and enzyte review are included in the site.

Now, going back to what my husband told me, hmmmm I haven't really given the idea much thought. All I can say is that, whatever he wants to try, I'll just support him all the way.