Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Confusing Time

Almost two weeks ago, I saw a photo of my husband together with a girl seated at the center and another guy beside her. The photo would have not disturbed me if the girl seated beside him was not the girl that he used to court when I was pregnant. Although there was another guy on the picture, still I couldn't help but feel a twinge in my heart, because they were seated so close to each other, not to mention it was the girl's birthday celebration. I did not remember him telling me that he attended that girl's birthday party, that's why it really hurt me BIG TIME!

I don't want to think that my husband is cheating on me, but then again, hiding that photo and the information that he came to that girl's party leaves me wondering up to this moment why he didn't tell me about it. Even if he assured me that the girl on the photo is just a friend now, I’m still not at peace considering the fact that the girl is closer to him, unlike me and his baby who are just contented talking to him online and seeing him on webcam. If only I could ask a relationship expert on how to understand men, I’m sure it won’t be too hard for me to keep that trust, which is actually very important for our long distance relationship.

Talking to a relationship expert is a good step for me to reassess things between me and my husband. We have been apart for almost two years now, and believe me being in a long distance relationship is like going for a roller coaster ride. And in confusing times like this, the founder of WomanSavers.com could be of big help. She’s a relationship expert and a dating expert in one. So, if you also have questions about online dating and relationship, feel free to visit her site because I just did.