Friday, June 13, 2008

Lesson Learned

It's now 5:10pm here yet it seems our salary won't be credited to our accounts anytime soon. SALARY WHERE ARE YOU??? I'm so pissed off because I'm really flat broke. I have mentioned before that I transferred to a new place, right? And so, that's where most of my money went, on the side were the not-so-important-at-the-moment things that me and my mom-in-law bought 2 Sundays ago, school stuff that I bought for my sister-in-law which exceeded my budget, and the celebration I prepared for Baby Gaby on her 7th month birthday. Waaaa!!! I'm doomed, as in I've never felt so broke in my entire career. Weee!!!

I really hate it that I've already consumed all the contingency plans that I made. Plan A - got the extra money that I lend to my officemate, Plan B - used my credit card for the school stuff that exceeded my budget, and Plan C - borrowed money from my all-time lender ever merciful colleague and friend Olops. I thought, I'll manage to survive until today, and even assuring my mother-in-law before I left the house this morning that I will be home a little late because I'll buy groceries (yes, my refrigerator is empty, as in NADA! WHAMS LAOG!). But look what happened now, NO SALARY UP TO THIS MOMENT, as in 0 balance. And when I try to borrow money, some people don't want to believe me that I'm broke. Huhuhu!!! Poor me.

I was thinking, just because my husband is an OFW, does it mean that I have money always? This is one wrong belief. But I couldn't blame those who are thinking that way. That's why I always tell my husband to learn how to say no sometimes when some people ask him a favor or try to borrow money. I also tell him that since some people think that we always have money, when times that we need cash badly, they will never go out of their way to lend us with the amount that we need. And so, the end result - POOR US!

This is the first time that I went through so much stress because of lack of money. I know, some people will think that why in the world would I allow myself to worry if I can easily withdraw the funds that I have in our passbook account. Okay let me explain, you see I decided to open a passbook account instead of an atm account so I won't be tempted to withdraw from time to time. What's the logic here? If I keep on withdrawing the money and promise to deposit it back, well, I don't trust myself 100% that I'll be able to return it. So, what I do is that, I borrow money from those who have extra amount so I'll be compelled to pay it once I have money already.

Aaarrggghhh!!! I really hate this! I don't want to go to my last resort - and that is to withdraw! But at the back of my mind, I can hear a voice saying - WITHDRAW! WITHDRAW! WITHDRAW!!!

BUT NO! I WON'T! I'll stay firm. I can wait! Promise. I can formulate a Plan D tonight. HOPEFULLY! Now, this is really one big LESSON LEARNED!!!

Update: According to hearsay, salary might be credited to our account by Monday, June 16th. Waaaahhh!!!


precy said...

our lives are messed up every 15th and 30th--LOL!!!