Saturday, June 07, 2008

A Chance to Win

While blog hopping this afternoon, this blogging contest from Everyday Finance grabbed my attention. In celebration to its 250th post, Everyday Finance is giving away a total of $250. Congratulations to you, Everyday Finance!!!(clapping)

I'm done subscribing and signing up for email subscription, so now here I am spreading the word about your $250 Contest Giveaway through this post. Well, the cash will sure be of big help so thanks for giving me a chance to win by simply following these simple procedures:

1) Sign up in Everyday Finance news reader - 1 entry
2) Sign up for Everyday Finance email subscription - 1 entry
3) Do a post about the contest on my blog by linking to the contest post - 5 entries
4) Leave a comment about the contest on any blog, contest site, message board or other outlet

If you're also interested to join, click here.


Pinay Jade said...

Hi Phoebe,
You are a sweetheart for letting me know about this. This is a great contest.I'll join too, I could use some extra cash to buy myself a new sewing machine:)

Have a great weekend sweetie!