Thursday, July 31, 2008

Don't Text While Walking, Biking, Cooking, Etc.

I was browsing the net a while ago when I chanced upon this Yahoo tech news: OMG, text at your own risk. The headline caught my interest and so I read on. According to the news, texting can be dangerous. When? When walking, skating, cooking, biking, boating, and I would add, when babysitting. Yup, certainly texting while doing any of these can be utterly dangerous. I remembered one time, while walking I was busy texting to reply a message sent by my friend. Then, I didn't notice this guy walking towards me, so I almost bump into him if he didn't try to avoid me. He just looked at me with piercing eyes when I glanced back at him. So then, I realized that I really should not text while walking.

I'm sure, some of you have also experienced the same thing. Or perhaps, you were doing other things like cooking or driving and you were texting because you thought you were maximing your time in doing two things at the same time. Yup, you were making use of the time, but you were definitely putting yourself at risk. According to one doctor's statement on the news, "You're focusing on one task for a split second, then focusing on another one, and with something moving 40 miles an hour like a car, it just takes a couple of seconds to be hit." So, better not text when walking, driving, biking, etc.


Eric S. said...

While driving down the interstate, at 60 MPH, I came u behind a vehicle in the right lane. I thought it was a drunk driver, they were going all over the road, crossing into other lanes. I went all the to the third lane, and got around them. As I passed, I looked in and saw a teenage girl, flip phone on steering wheel texting away. Sooner or later some one is going to get killed.

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