Thursday, July 17, 2008

More About Glenn Beck

I don't know if you guys heard about Glenn Beck already? But as far as I know, he's one great guy who can put humor in life's complexities. Whether it is about politics or about life in general, his storytelling and stand up act will sure make you laugh and help you forget about your worries even for a while. Now, if you haven't seen or listened to any of his acts, why not visit his website or check out his blog? His site is a combination of entertainment and enlightenment, so believe me, you’ll never get bored reading the articles included in this site. Why not check out the Family and Relationship page? Basically, that’s the category that catches my interest most.

But hey, if you want to see more of Glenn Beck, catch his One Night Only show in Dallas on July 17th. This is a part of his current summer political tour and will be available in selected theaters nationwide. So get a ticket now! Have a great time watching!

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