Friday, July 18, 2008

Sexy Voice+Sexy Body = Definitely Not Me

According to one article that I read today in Yahoo news, sexy people sound better. Now, that made me really think, so I continued to read the whole article. It said that those people who are deemed to have sexy and attractive voices tend to have sexier body once seen in person. Hmmm. So does that mean my voice does not sound attractive just because I'm not sexy? Oh come on! But hey, I don't really give a damn, whether my voice is sexy or not, or if it is my body that is sexy or not. Though I gained weight over three pregnancies, I'm more than proud to be a mom and I consider myself sexy in my own way. Now, it's all up to my hubby! *wink*


Kevin said...

Sexy is such an objectional word because it is based off of perspective. What is sexy to one person is not always going to be to another. Also, I've personally found that sexy is more of an attitude, a presence of the person and how that person holds him or herself in view to him/herself in regards to others. If you come out confident and assured, that will bring people to you. If you keep a positive aura about yourself it will bring positive energy.

I guess my point is, don't throw yourself out of that "sexy" box.

jHeLea said...

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