Saturday, July 05, 2008

Weekend To-Do List

Beginning today until Monday, we don't have work. Aaarrgghh I just can imagine how boring my weekend will be! So, I decided to list down some of the things that I can do over the weekend to keep me busy.

1. Organize my things inside my room. Yup I should do this because the past days, I put my things everywhere. End result: my bed is a complete mess!

2. Do the laundry. Nice move Bhem! Instead of paying someone to do it for me, I'd better make use of my time to wash my dirty clothes and let them dry.

3. Watch movies using my laptop...Yup..Yup..Yup..This will keep me occupied so I won't feel so homesick.

4. Go to the mall. Hmmm..Sunday won't be a bad day to go to the mall and spend a few bucks. My friend Talie is here, so maybe we can meet at the mall and go window shopping.

5. Blog...Blog..and Blog...That is right! This will consume most of my time since I need to update my readers about the latest things that happened to me.

So there! My to-do list over the weekend...