Sunday, June 07, 2009

Macbook's Busted

Jeez, why now? One minute I was updating my Mac software, then another minute this message appeared:

Panic (system crashes) log Size: 2.51 KB Last Modified: 4/17/06 8:14 AM Location: /Library/Logs/panic.log Recent Contents: Fri Apr 14 20:52:55 2006 panic(cpu 0 caller 0x0034FC40): mbuf address out of range 0x21460000 Backtrace, Format - Frame : Return Address (4 potential args on stack) 0x25b3bbc4 : 0x128b5e (0x3bbeb8 0x25b3bbe8 0x131bbc 0x0) 0x25b3bc04 : 0x34fc40 (0x3db914 0x21460000 0x25b30010 0x37445300) 0x25b3bc24 : 0x34ffe7 (0x37445300 0x47b1630 0x0 0xde) 0x25b3bc44 : 0x22d2ff (0x37445300 0x1 0x1 0x601000a) 0x25b3be14 : 0x222007 (0x37445300 0x14 0x25b3bf14 0x526b8506) 0x25b3be54 : 0x223a8b (0x37445300 0x14 0x6 0x0) 0x25b3bf64 : 0x211109 (0x37445300 0x37445300 0x42cb5c 0x135798) 0x25b3bfa4 : 0x1f773d (0x46b9e04 0x37445300 0x3745c816 0x1) 0x25b3bfd4 : 0x197a21 (0x0 0x0 0x3fa0d48 0x134aec) Backtrace terminated-invalid frame pointer 0x0 Kernel version: Darwin Kernel Version 8.6.1: Tue Mar 7 16:55:45 PST 2006; root:xnu-792.9.22.obj~1/RELEASE_I386

Together with this image:

Image Source: Wikipedia

I already searched the net for some troubleshooting tips, but my Macbook doesn't want to cooperate, still the same message and image appeared. I'm really losing hope that I can fix this now. I guess, the only solution to this is to have it checked by a computer technician. Oh, if only Daddy G is here, I'm sure he knows how to fix this.

So, what for me to do? Nada, as in nothing. The more I try to resolve this issue by myself, the bigger the risks for it to get busted more. So okay, I leave you alone for now, Macbook!