Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Meet Phoebz' Other-Half

For those who don't know me personally and for those who are not constant visitors of my family blog, The Baby in Between, perhaps you're wondering who is Phoebz' other-half. You've read so many posts here about my pregnancies, yet no clue as to who is the "lucky" dad :D . LOL.

Okay, so without further ado, let me introduce to you my other-half, Daddy G.

Daddy G is currently working in South Korea as an OFW. He just came home last January to spend a really memorable 2-month vacation with me and Baby Guian. He's a really funny and sweet guy, and he loves kids. I even envied him when my little girl learned first to call him Daddy than calling me Mommy. And mind you, she can sleep oh-so-soundly on his chest, while when with me, she won't stay even for a minute. But I love seeing them so sweet together, they are the two most precious gems of my life.

Anyway, back to Daddy G, hmm what else can I say about him? He's a very responsible and supportive husband and dad, a really helpful son and sibling, and a hardworking man at that. Sometimes, he would even work on a Sunday just to earn more than the usual. On the negative side, well, he's a little childish sometimes - which is acceptable because we all feel like kids sometimes. But overall, my other-half is really one great guy, who loves us and we love in return so much.

So that's it! Now you already know more about me and my family. Journey with us both as we welcome our new baby which is really coming soon.