Monday, June 08, 2009

Pink and Aqua Laundry Bags I Like

I've been thinking what stuff to bring when I give birth this October. Aside from the usual baby clothes and things, I'm also considering the other important items that the nanny and I will use at the hospital. And since I'm expecting more laundries during the day I give birth, I'm planning to bring laundry bags.

Yes, it's a must that we bring these laundry bags along so we'll be able to organize the clothing that the baby and I will use at the hospital. But I don't want ordinary bags at that. I want something like these aqua and pink laundry bags. Aren't they cute? They're being offered at Posy Lane, together with these baby memory books and kids backpack. Whether you want to get one for personal use or as a gift, these items from Posy Lane will sure suit your budget.

Now, let me look at these laundry bags again. What do you think, should I go for the pink one or the aqua one? Feel free to share your comment.


chubskulit said...

Cute-on man ining mga laundry bags mo hehehe.. Euu tataohon pa ako magbicol hehehe..

Nadd ta ka na sa etc blog ko, under The Uragons, puro bicolano an yaon duman hehehe.. By the way from Donsol ako but I lived in Daraga for 2 years before I came overseas... Sa Divine Word ako dati nagtrabaho.

Glad to met u through blogland phoebs..

paki add mo din other blogs ko if u could

o sya tama na litanya ko here hehehe...

am happy though kasi diit lang uragons na blogger hehehe..