Friday, June 05, 2009

Our Neighbor's Warning on Asbestos Exposure

Weeks ago, our house had minor kitchen ceiling repairs due to the leak coming from the 2nd floor bathroom. Since the old ceiling was already damaged, the construction worker replaced it with another, which was according to him was made of asbestos combined with other materials.

I've heard the word asbestos a couple of times already, but never really knew that exposure to it could pose so much danger, until my neighbor saw me putting out of the house some of those asbestos ceiling remains. I was surprised when he told me that asbestos exposure could lead to lung cancer called mesothelioma. Often times, workers from construction and auto mechanics are the ones diagnosed with this. So, upon learning about this risk, Daddy and I decided to just replace the ceiling with something made from a better material.

I'm really glad that our neighbor warned my family and me as early as now. Because if not, any of us could be suffering from mesothelioma in the long run. But for those who are already diagnosed with this condition, there is still hope. And in order to receive compensation, consulting an experienced Mesothelioma Lawyer is the key. Manufacturers of this asbestos should be held liable for their exposure, thus they should pay.



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