Friday, July 31, 2009

82 Days and Still Counting

According to my widget on my other blog, The Baby in Between, it will be 82 days more before my due date. So, that means it will still be around 2 1/2 months more of waiting. I certainly hope that my baby will last that long inside me. Because with the bleeding episodes that I'm constantly experiencing, there's really a big possibility that I deliver this baby boy early.

Of course, any expectant mom would want to deliver a full-term baby. So, I really pray that my baby boy will reach even up to 37 weeks before I give birth to him. For now, it will be 82days more to go and I'm still counting.


chubskulit said...

wow arani na sis, I went to labor early with my son but my OB injected me something to suppress it ta dai pa daw time hehehe..