Thursday, July 30, 2009

Clinique Happy I Like

I've always loved wearing perfume. However, when I got pregnant I stopped using one because the fragrant smell often makes me feel nauseous. But as soon as I get over with this, I'll buy a new bottle of perfume, at least for a change. I still have my Victoria Secret here, but then it would be better if I switch to something new which has a milder scent like the Clinique Happy.

My friend Glad used to have one. The first time I tried it was when she allowed me to use it. The moment I sprayed it on my wrist, I immediately fell in love with its chic, modern, and multi-layered floral scent. So, from that day on, I promised myself that I'll get one once I'm done with this pregnancy. I thought of buying it from an online perfume site, that way it'll be more convenient for me.


Vanniedosa said...

i use this pag may special occasion i love it; actually mas gusto ko ung men's version heehee

pag ordinary days baby cologne lang nakikishare sa anak ahaha