Monday, July 27, 2009

Camo Mint Nap Mat for Hubby

Hubby's friend, Kuya Jimmy, is here in the Philippines for a 2-week vacation. Tomorrow, we will meet somewhere in SM North so he can give me the MP3 player that hubby bought for me. I'm excited, of course, because I can already do away with the PSP which is way bigger to carry with me whenever I travel to and fro the office. At least with the MP3 player, I can easily slick it in my pocket.

Now, I'm thinking what to give hubby in return. I already asked him about this but he just told me not to bother anymore. But well, I'm a stubborn wife, so I'll get him something still. And you know what I'm thinking? I'm thinking about getting him this Camo Mint Nap Mat from Posy Lane. It looks nice, isn't it? Hubby can use it whenever he sleeps over at his friend's house there in South Korea. I just hope he'd like it.

So, okay, I'd better order one fast before hubby's friend goes back to SK. Hmmm. I'm also thinking about getting something for myself so I can save from shipping. I'm choosing between a purple towel wrap and a pink laundry bag. What should I choose?