Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pregnancy Update: 27 Weeks

I'm now on my 27th week of pregnancy. And believe me, everything is getting more and more difficult for me. Unlike my previous pregnancies, this one is really high risked. I have another episode of bleeding tonight, maybe due to the placenta previa partialis complication that I still have.

I know, I should be at the hospital right now instead of writing this blog. But, the stubborn me tells me that I should observe the bleeding first if it really won't go away overnight, or if the mild contractions that I'm feeling now persist. It's just me and the nanny here, so it's really difficult on my part in case I'd be admitted without anyone to look after me.

So, what else about me and my 27 week old baby inside? Hmmm. Oh the little one really kicks a lot now! Sometimes I even let the kids see him do that, and they are both so amazed to see my tummy moves. Anyway, here's more about me and baby at 27 weeks pregnancy:

Week 27

How Big is the Baby at 27 Weeks Pregnant?

Your baby at 27 weeks now weighs slightly over 2 pounds by 27 weeks pregnant. Your baby's total length is close to 15 inches during pregnancy at 27 weeks! Your baby is now a perfectly formed albeit very tiny human being, but of course will continue growing as you continue your pregnancy week by week .

Your Baby's Growth and Development

Your baby's systems continue to mature during pregnancy week 27 and your little one even starts accumulating some weight in the upcoming weeks.

Up until between the 27th and 28th weeks of pregnancy your baby's eyelids are fused together. After this week or next they will open. The retina or the light sensitive portion of the eye typically starts maturing at about 27 weeks of pregnancy. The layers that form in the retina will allow your baby's eyes to receive light and transmit the information it is receiving to the brain to form images. This basic process is referred to as 'sight'. Imagine that, at 27 weeks pregnant your baby is a tiny, seeing human being!

Your Growth and Development

Your uterus continues to climb the height of your stomach during pregnancy at 27 weeks, now measuring almost 2.8 inches above your belly button. If you were to measure your uterus from the pubic symphysis at 27 weeks pregnant you would find that it is approximately 27 centimeters to the top of the uterus.

Changes in You

You may start to notice that the abundant energy you experienced toward the first part of the second trimester is fading somewhat as you approach the third trimester. Your growing uterus is placing increasing demands on your circulation and your body during pregnancy 27 weeks and beyond. Remember it takes a lot of energy to create life. Try to get some much needed extra rests in the form of a nap or two if you can during the day. Even a small catnap in the front seat of your car if you are at work may be helpful.

You may start feeling increased Braxton hicks contractions during pregnancy at 27 weeks or later as you gear up for the third trimester. Again for most women Braxton hicks are simply the pre contractions that prepare you for labor and delivery. They are usually nothing to worry about unless you have a history of pre-term labor.

Source: www.womenshealthcaretopics.com