Thursday, August 23, 2007

My Baby's Ultrasound??? Not really...

Just this morning, Dex send me an MPEG file...He first asked me if I have a headset, I said yes but I said only one ( I was thinking that he will borrow from me )...It never occurred to me that the reason why he asked about the headset was because the file he's going to send me has sound effect...The filename was "baby ultrasound". In an instant, I got curious. I just had my ultrasound and the result wasn't clear, so I was really excited to see how the baby looks in the said file..When I played it, it really made me laugh so hard...Here is the video, check it out: (if it won't play on IE browser, try Mozilla)

The baby is sooooo cute right, and the video is really funny..The moment I heard the car starting, I really burst into loud laughter. I was imagining that it was my Baby Guian who's doing that..(whew, even on video like this, it's still related to cars huh!) And hmmm, I was thinking, perhaps this is what my baby does inside my tummy - maybe he's like stepping on the clutch when i feel him kicking..wehehe..(dream on Bhem!)

Thanks Dex for this video, and for the code as well so I can post it here..