Tuesday, August 07, 2007

My Horoscope Today

Checking my horoscope has been a part of my daily routine. Whenever I log in to blogger, I always check my horoscope to see what it has to say. Today, this is what it says:

"Pull in your energy and be a little less forceful over these next weeks. Oddly enough, you can actually accomplish more than usual during this time of retreat. Try to spend more time at home or at least within your own protective sphere. Even if this makes you a bit stir-crazy, remember that you are rebuilding your energy during this passing phase."

I don't usually believe this stuff, but sometimes it makes me ponder because there are times that I can really relate on what it says, just like the one I've written in the previous paragraph. The past days had been a little difficult for me, so perhaps I really need to pull in my energy and be a little less forceful these coming weeks. I need to focus myself on more important things like work and spend more time resting and pampering myself. Now, I even try to limit the hours I spend in front of the computer, and concentrate on other things that can make me happy so that I can really start moving on and prevent myself from getting too emotional and too weak. I don't want my baby to suffer just because I'm weak and I get easily affected with how other people treat me; so I decided that it would be best to contain myself and my baby in our own world - away from worries, problems, hurts, and sufferings which we don't deserve.

I'm beginning to rebuild my energy now that I've learned to finally let go and accept the reality that a complete family is not really for me and my baby. As I spend more time loving myself and my baby, I begin to realize that life is still beautiful in spite of the trials God is giving me. And even though this phase that I'm going through now will make me a bit stir-crazy, I know once I see and touch my baby for the first time, I will forget all the hardships that I went through and forget the pains that I suffered...