Monday, July 16, 2007

Baby is now at 24 weeks!

I went to my OB today to have my monthly prenatal checkup. I was a little early and so as I waited, the clinic attendant got my BP and my weight. I was thankful that until now my BP is normal which is 100/70 and my weight is 61kgs. During my first pregnancy, I had pre-eclampsia so I'm trying so hard now not to experience that again. I make sure that I won't exceed the expected weight 'til I give birth and that I eat the proper diet so that my BP won't rise.

When my OB arrived, she immediately asked me to lie down to get the fundal height of my abdomen. It increased from 12 inches last June to 20 inches now, so that simply means that Baby Guian is really growing, and he is growing fast. Actually, he looks like the one in the image now..It's so nice to see that his body is really fully-developed. After the fundal height, the doctor let me hear his fetal heartbeat, and I felt relieved to hear that his heart is beating well, around 140beats per minute.

Then, my OB asked if I'm already experiencing cramps, and I said yes. She advised me to elevate my feet when lying down and to avoid standing or sitting too long. She also told me to eat proper diet, avoid caffeine, softdrinks, junkfoods, drink Enfamama, and take the vitamins she prescribed. She scheduled my next visit on the 13th of August, on which I would also need to have my 4th Tetanus Toxoid vaccination. And what excited me most was when she told me that I can already have my ultrasound any time after this visit. So, I'm planning to have it during the 1st week of August, 'coz I still have to wait for the next payday...(no budget for now, prenatal consultation and vitamins first..whew! being pregnant is not just difficult for the body, but for the pocket as well...hehehe...but this will be worth it, right Baby Guian?)

Before ending the consultation, I asked my OB about the effect of pre-natal depression to my baby. She asked me what was the problem and so I told her a jist of the story. She explained to me that there is a psychological effect on the baby when during the term of my pregnancy, I keep on thinking about problems and other things that can make me feel stressed out and depressed. She also said that this might lead to my baby suffering from a disorder called ADHD (Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) which can manifest when he is in pre-school age. Upon hearing this from her, I almost cry because I've been too selfish the past months, allowing myself to be enslaved by this depression.

My OB also gave me a lot of advice about the present problem that I shared to her. But the best was when she told me that all i needed to do was to PRAY and CAST MY BURDENS UPON THE LORD BECAUSE HE IS THE ONLY ONE THAT KNOWS WHY THESE THINGS ARE HAPPENING. She was even laughing when she shared to me her own experience with her husband when she was also pregnant. So, she said that instead of focusing on the problem, I'd better focus myself on taking care of the baby inside me.

Actually, I'm trying to do this lately, it's just that some people are so good in provoking me. Putting me into a test, then when I utter something that they misinterpret, they will use it against me, making me feel as if I'm so bad. But I won't allow this to happen again, never ever again. Instead of allowing "him" to pull me down, I would just pray to the Lord to give him an open-mind to understand the whole situation, especially the pregnancy that I'm going through now and learn how to accept his mistakes, humble himself, and forgive like what I did. I would pray that Lord will bless him, and help him overcome the bad attitude with the good because his bad side will never make him grow as a person.

So, now, no more crying, and I'll try to be as strong as possible for the sake of my Baby Guian. I'll make sure to it that I won't be affected with anything that other people will do to bring me down and make me feel bad about myself. From this day on, it will be all about Guian...