Sunday, July 01, 2007

Living Alone for a Month Now! So, what's next?

I've been browsing the Internet for a couple of minutes now when suddenly it occured to my mind to surf on the topic, "Living alone and enjoying it". I came across different sites but only one really caught my interest and got me into reading the whole article about "Coping with Loneliness". I asked myself, "am I lonely now that I live alone?"

It's been a month now since I moved into my own place. For the first couple of days, it was really lonely. There were nights that when I came home from work, I would cry. Sometimes, i would just sit on a corner and think if I did the right thing of separating from my family. But I told myself, it was the choice I made, so I had to stick to it and prove to them that I can make it alone. So, instead of mopping around and crying, I kept myself busy. I made plans, both short-term and long-term plans.

Some of my short-term plans include improving my place, buying appliances to be used at home, securing an Internet connection, preparing for my baby's things, doing a little of freelance writing work, and keeping myself busy in the office so when I get home am already too tired to even think about the loneliness of being alone, with no one to talk to about how my day went.

I've already accomplished a few of the short-term plans that I made. One is that I've already secured my own tv and dvd set. Yeah, I already got my SONY Wega - finally! So, now it's not that boring anymore when I get home. I get to see tv shows at night (especially that PBB season 2..Wendy was such a Biatch..good thing Bea won, i sent text votes for her..wehehe) and spend my weekend having DVD marathon...Second, I already secured a DSL connection, so I'm now online to the max. I don't have to visit the internet cafe from time to time just to check those sites that I can't open in the office like Friendster, YouTube, and P*** sites...(huh! what's that) And third, I already bought some stuff for Baby Guian like his mittens, feeding bottle, and tie-side shirts. (I'll gonna post the pics of all baby things here once I completed everything before his birthday).

As for my long-term plans, of course the idea of working abroad is still on my mind. But I'm having second thoughts now of doing it next year. I hate the idea of leaving my baby at such a young age. I wanna see him grow, hear the first words he'll say, be there for his vaccination and check-ups, when he first crawls or walks, and many other things. I don't want to miss all those; the compensation abroad will not make up for the happiness that my baby will give me, am sure of, as for my plan of working outside the country, that could definitely wait...

Other long-term plan I have is to buy my own lot and have my own home built on it. My bestfriend told me that a certain land is being developed here in Legazpi and that I can already have a reservation in case I want to buy a lot. I inquired about it and was informed that it will be developed around 6 months from now. So, I'm planning to make a reservation, at least 120 sq. meters, and next year if I can acquire a loan, I can move on to the next plan which is to have my home built on it.

These are just some of my plans, short-term and long term. Actually, tomorrow, my next move will be to get a sala set. I need one because how can I accommodate my friends and officemates here at my place if they have nothing to sit on. And oh by the way, my own car is of course included in the list. I want my baby to be as comfortable as possible when we go to places....for now, this is just a plan, but it's all up to me to make this materialize.

So, after a month of staying here in my own place, I can say that I'm not really that lonely being alone. Actually, I'm beginning to enjoy it a lot especially when I start to see my plans materialize. It feels wonderful to be independent, and to actually buy the things that I need with my salary. It's not good to keep on working and earning a lot, then see nothing after years of working. This could just be a little accomplishment for now, but once I've completed everything. I'll be proud of myself that I survived living alone...