Friday, July 13, 2007

Beer and Cigarette

You might be wondering why my post is entitled "Beer and Cigarette".

It's plain simple, these are the two things that I gave up for almost 6 months now, and probably for 3 more. I'm not actually the type who is very dependent on these stuff, it's just that when I'm too stressed out, these are my usual companions. But because of this baby inside my tummy, I have to give these up for a while...

Darn, my mouth is already starving for these...I remembered those nights after work, when I'll do nothing but puff a stick while listening to mp3 playing on my cellphone. And also those times when Noli was still here, and joined me in a one-on-one drinking session, actually it's a two-on-one 'coz Maida also joined us. I really miss those times because in spite of too much pressure that I was taking from work, I got to unwind and felt relaxed after.

3 more months of waiting to be with my buddies..wehehe...really good buddies! i can hardly wait...whew!