Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I'm so happy for the winner of Deal or No Deal today. I've already watched so many episodes of this game show, but this one really put me into tears. I'm even shouting when the 100,000 briefcase was opened, and finally, the 1,000,000 when Jennel Montero said "No Deal"...The winner is really blessed, thinking about all the hardships he had been through. God rewarded him for being such a good and determined person. Plus, before the game started, both he and his wife really prayed and entrusted whatever the outcome is to the Lord.

So, another big lesson learned for me - if you really entrust everything to Him, your life will not be all downs at one time. God knows when it's time for you to be rewarded for all the hardships and efforts you made and for being a good person to others. You may not see the result now, but God is watching - and only He knows when the right time is...So, now, I keep hoping, praying, and entrusting my life and my Baby Guian's life to Him because I know He is always there watching over us...My baby and I may be in a struggle right now, but in the end, we will be blessed because we entrusted our lives to the Lord.


chie said...

i never imagined there would come a time that i would actually feel sorry for not watching Deal or No Deal.. after reading your post, i certainly do!

hey gurl, you are just as blessed, maybe more. think about it.