Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Yup, this is one of those lazy Sunday afternoons! It's raining outside and it's just me and my Baby Gaby here inside my place. We woke up at around 7:30am, and well, what else can we do but to sit and lie around, watch tv, and wait for the night to come.

Every Sunday, this has been my routine - stay at home and babysit my 2 1/2 month-old baby. Although taking care of her is a bit tiring since she now weighs 5kilos, I do have fun with her especially when we are alone like this. So, today, after his Papa Ghie left, I mean logoff from yahoo messenger to buy some stuff, I started taking pictures of her so I won't get bored. And here she is, looking so cute and adorable:

(I'm so glad that she got my dimples...Smile baby!)

And here is another one:

(Isn't she lovely? Grrrr...Can I bite you, Gab?)

And another:

(Oh how I love looking at you when you're asleep!)