Thursday, January 10, 2008

My "Oh-So-Yummy" Breakfast

Pancit and 3pcs of "midget" pandesal: a "not-so-yummy" breakfast, yet enough to fill my empty stomach. I was actually thinking of having bihon for breakfast, unfortunately it was not available so I had to settle with pancit. After having myself seated comfortably there at the pantry, I started munching on the 1st pandesal, combined with a little pancit. It tasted not so good, but since I was hungry, my tastebud said it's good enough. Plus, I was having a nice conversation with Mama Wen, one of my pretty officemates, so I never really bothered complaining about the food I was eating. After a few bites, I was done with the 1st, then I was off to the 2nd, and finally to the 3rd pandesal.

I was almost done with my breakfast when suddenly I noticed a "familiar-looking creature" lying there, with no life included in my pancit. Did I feel pity for this creature? Definitely not!!! Look what I found:

The picture is not that clear so perhaps you're still guessing what it is. Want to see more?

Is it clear now? Yup, that's my "oh-so-yummy" breakfast - Pancit ala Nene, with special ingredient of housefly...Iwwwwwwww...

When I saw it, I almost throw-up. Seeing that blackish creature, with its wings still intact, really made my stomach ready to turn upside down. If you'd ask me how did that thing get there, well, I don't know. Ask Nene - the "not-so-friendly" owner of the carinderia where I bought it!

After Dex took those pictures, I threw the remaining food, with the housefly still in it. Just thinking where that fly roamed around and stepped on before it got there made me want to throw up again...OMG, what a nice way to start my morning! I swear, I'll never buy from that place again. Never...ever...


olops r. said...

Isang langaw ang dumapo sa isang tae.. Habang masarap na tinitikman ang kanyang tinutuntungan, may dumating na isang langaw..

"Pare, may nakita akong malaki, mamasa-masa, at manilaw-nilaw na may dugu-dugo pa sa dulo na tae dun sa kabilang kanto," malugod na winika nito sa kaibigan.

"Pare naman, wag kang ngang magsalita ng ganyan; nakakawalang-gana ka naman, nakita mo ng kumakain ako eh," and pagalit na sagot nito sa kaibigan.


- maida - said...

hahaha! nice lops... bhem? like iwwwwwww!

Talie said...

hahaha Bem I remembered approaching you while you were eating that pansit and I even said "Wow Bem yumminess naman your breakfast!" and I was even tempted to eat some sana wahahah, buti na lang hindi ako tumikim! roflmao