Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Thanks to Hit Counter Expert's Web Counter!

When I was still new in blogging, I thought writing a post or entry about a topic, experience, or simply my thoughts and feelings for the day is enough to make my blogpage interesting to read. But after seeing my friends' blog sites, I found out that I could do more than just making new posts. There are actually lots of things that I can add on my blogs like the web counter from

Hit Counter Expert is a great source of various web hit counters which can be used for any type of blog or web site. They provide a wide range of web counter styles, so I never had any difficulty choosing the style which fit my site’s layout. Installing it was also very easy. After choosing the style that I liked, I simply got the code and copied it here. And after saving the changes I made, there it was, my free web hit counter from Hit Counter Expert.

From now on, I’ll be able to know the detailed statistics of my site. Thanks to Hit Counter Expert’s free web counter!